Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Have a Seat at My Table Reserved Just for You!

My husband and I were raised in families who enjoyed entertaining at home, and we hope that we have passed the spirit of hospitality to our children. We have been blessed to receive many lovely items, passed down through generations, that allow me the pleasure of creating a variety of tablescapes to welcome friends and acquaintances to our table. I've also become somewhat of a 'collector with a purpose.' I look forward to sharing my finds with you, and I hope that you'll be encouraged to share yours with me. I enjoy estate sales, antique shops, and eBay. You might spot an old bedspread...I look at the same coverlet and probably see a tablecloth.
It is my philosophy that each person who sits at my table should feel like the guest of honor. I believe that a dinner or luncheon is successful when guests linger at the table after the meal to share fellowship and conversation. Please, join us at the table; we have reserved a seat just for you!

                                           “Il n’ya pas de bon repas sans bonne compagnie.”

     In the heartland, we experience four distinct seasons, from bitter cold to blazing hot. As a result, we cherish the opportunities that we have to entertain al fresco. This particular spring day, I was blessed by a team of precious friends who joined me to host a lovely bridal luncheon and shower.  I was thrilled when we were able to seat our forty guests on the back porch. The day was perfection!  We served our meal, buffet style, from the dining room.

The invitation was our starting point, and we created continuity by using this beautiful color scheme in the dining room and on our luncheon tables. The blue toile enclosure folded around the invitation and created a self-envelope.

The vintage yellow damask tablecloth belonged to my mother-in-love. I love the
dots and the geometrical border. The Val St. Lambert candlesticks are favorites of mine, and
I use them often when designing tablescapes. The serving pieces belonged to Nana, my
husband's grandmother. She was a grand dame of entertaining, and we enjoy using many of her 
lovely items. Do you ever wonder what to buy as the hostess gift for the bride?  One of my
favorite strategies is to choose something from the bridal registry that will hold the floral centerpieces for the main table. We then send the young lady home with her registered items and beautiful flowers. We kill two birds with one stone, and the bride and her mother are always thrilled!
I enjoy creating floral arrangements, and when possible, you'd better believe that I'm shopping
at Sam's. 

The Bissinger's Chocolate Cups were filled with Chocolate Mousse and accented
with Kiwi & easy, yet elegant dessert.

The tall floral arrangements were created in pegged nappies, and placed in crystal
candlesticks. A pegged nappy is a great tool for creating arrangements, and you can find them
 on eBay. I fill it with oasis and just 'go for it.' The low floral pieces are placed in Corbel silver
 goblets that were a wedding gift almost forty-two years ago! I often repurpose them for my
 tablescapes. I have an abundance of vintage napkins from both sides of our family and the 
occasional estate sale. The ones that I chose for this day have the lovely blue embroidery stitched
 into the design.  The 'engagement ring' napkin rings were found at a very reasonable price on the internet. Two friends also ordered them, and we have formed a 'design co-op.' Because we share
 them, we are able to use them for large groups. The Waterford Simply goblets were an eBay
 purchase. I use them in many different combinations. The blue dinner plates, used as service plates
 are Castleton, Blue Empire. The top plate is RD199, a 9-inch Royal Doulton luncheon plate. 
 It is always sweet to use my wedding silver, Reed & Barton, "Grande Renaissance."
If you have been blessed with silver, I hope that you will take it out and use it often!  

It's a  gorgeous day in the heartland of America, and preparations are complete for our luncheon. We are excited for our guests to begin the celebration...

and I've reserved a spot just for you. I hope that you'll gather with us for some delicious food and
precious fellowship at our table. Enjoy!

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guyanne said...

Everything is beautiful. You are amazing. I will look forward to reading your blog. Guyanne Brannon

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Everything is just beautiful! So elegant and how wonderful to be able to dine outside. I've never heard of pegged nappies...I will have to check that out. I hope you'll link this to the weekly Tablescape Thursday party that will go up this coming Wednesday lots of folks will have an opportunity to see your lovely work. :-)

Jami said...

So very elegant!! Can't wait to see what you add next!!

Jami said...

you have been given the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD.
Come by and check it out!

Nancy said...

I've not heard of pegged nappies either, so I'll have to look online.
You've created such an elegant and inviting atmosphere. I love the two sets of chairs I see in the outdoor shots. It's all beautiful!

Entertaining Women said...
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Amy @MaisonDecor said...

I never heard of pegged nappies...learn something new everyday! Lots of elegance and style and history in your table settings. Enjoyed it! Now following you!

Sharon Haynie said...

What a lucky bride to have such a special shower in her honor. Your table are beautiful. I'm looking for peg nappies right now! thanks for sharing with us.

D said...

You did a wonderful job on your decorations. Those desserts are easy? They look so yummy

Barbara said...

This is just a lovely setting! There is something about an elegant party with lots of tables that always captures my eye. I want to see every single detail. I have never heard of peg nappies. I love your idea for a centerpiece made with something from the registry.

Jeanette said...

Such a lovely, elegant shower.

Debbie Moore at Slice of Pie Entertaining and Cookbooks said...

What a beautiful gathering ... tables are quite special ... the flowers are fantastic ... love it!

Mary said...

Everything is just beautiful! The food looks delish too!

Someone did a lot of hard work!

Thanks for sharing!

Mimi said...

Your buffet table is absolutely stunning with all the silver, crystal and gorgeous flowers. The outdoor tables are simple, but elegant. Thanks for sharing.

The Tablescaper said...

Everything is so elegant. And to be able to be seated outside in such grandeur!

I too have been blessed with many entertaining objects that have been passed through my family. It is such a joy to use them.

- The Tablescaper

Alycia Nichols said...

So I never saw this very first one!!! So glad you included it in your 10 Favorites! There's even a picture of you besides the one on your sidebar!!!!!!! You offered good advice about what to buy for a hostess gift for the bride. When you send her home with actual flowers in it, you've already given her a head start on using it! And speaking of centerpieces...beautiful ones the day of your party! This was a fun look back at the beginning of your blog journey. From one "heartlander" to another, you did us proud! (You and I both know that the days we can entertain outdoors are few and far between! We gotta run with it when we can!!!)