Friday, February 1, 2019

Tales of the Traveling Tote: Where In the World is??? 2.1.19

I am so excited to be included as part of the group of talented, fun, and kind bloggers known as Tales of the Traveling Tote. Today is the second time that I am participating with these lovely ladies. For this episode we were asked as always to take our trusty totes with us on one of our adventures, be it near or far.  This time, we were also challenged to take along an additional piece or so of the treasures  created by MacKenzie-Childs and include it as a part of our post.

 My tote, Carrie Ann Hall was insistent that I catch a shot of her with her little sister, Patches, another MacKenzie-Childs creation. I thought that this was the perfect spot to introduce Carrie Ann's contents...

...the MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check champagne bucket, flanked by a pair of MC's Courtly Check flower pots... and to ask the Traveling Totes Question of the Week: 
                                                         Where In the World Is???

We're in the entry way, and I'm placing my bet that many of you can pinpoint the artist who created the fountain centerpiece. I thought it was the perfect spot for a champagne picnic to sip while pondering our location. Let's look up...

...and up...

...and up some more! Have you made your guess, yet?

Today I didn't have to travel very far to reach one of the treasures of this little city out here on the prairie. The Oklahoma City Museum of Art is always a pleasure to visit. One of the permanent collections, pleasing to so many, is a selection of the works by Dale Chihuly.

Next we travel upstairs to spend some time enjoying the Chihuly exhibit and capturing pictures for your viewing pleasure. I will refrain from commenting and allow you to form your own opinions. Here we go...


 Hopefully, these images will bring some light, whimsy, and definitely a shot of color to the grayest of winter days. If you've never viewed one of Chihuly's installations, I encourage you to seek one out the next time you visit a city where his work is on display. I think that you'll enjoy the time spent. Maybe your travels will even carry you to Oklahoma City!  Now, I'm going to go visit the rest of the Where In the World Is??? blog posts that have been published by the ladies who bring you The Tales of the Traveling Totes. I want to see how many of their destinations I can identify!

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Thank you for taking your time to explore my post. I hope that you'll take a moment to stop by for a visit and leave a comment. I love to hear from each and every one of you!
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Rita C. said...

Well, I'm sure glad Carrie Ann Hall and Patches were able to see Chihuly and take you along, Cherry Kay. I have had the opportunity to visit one of his outdoor exhibits, and it's certainly a unique perspective to see yours from an indoor standpoint - beautiful. I am traveling with my tribe vicariously on these outings, while slowly but surely packing away my MKC collection. I hope to get out and about for our March 1 travels!

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

I love Dale Chihuly's works. My mom worked at Rhode Island School of Design with him many years ago! I was luck to see his work in Seattle at the Gardens a few years ago - just amazing! And I think one of my favorite pieces are the boats. The photo you took in the lobby is amazing - so tall!! I love that you brought along your champagne bucket and trimmings!! How clever and fun! Thanks for playing along with us!!

The French Hutch said...

What a beautiful way to begin my busy day ahead than with this beautiful Chihuly art. Your opening photo is amazing, love your little celebration under such an exquisite piece of art! I first viewed his work when visiting Seattle. The shapes and colors are stunning as were the gardens with plants and art. If I ever get to your city now I know I have to visit the museum. Thank you Cherry Kay for taking us to view this exquisite piece.........Love the second bag! said...

Oh how utterly fabulous Cherry Kay, Chihuly is easily recognizable, and the entry sculpture is beyond amazing! I have only seen a few Chihuly pieces, in Las Vegas and they are so magnificent. Visiting that gorgeous exhibit is definitely a champagne drinking occasion! Love the flower pots too! Happy travels!

Jacqueline said...

Cherry Kay this was like opening a box of beautiful chocolates to me. I just love his work. Before I had ever heard of him we watched a show on TV where he was working in his studio and making the glass pieces and then installing them. We have a couple pieces in Salt Lake and then of course I have seen some of his work in Las Vegas. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

Cherry Kay, I've seen several Chihuly exhibits around the country. Each one incredible! The tree in that atrium is totally amazing! I think your CC champagne bucket was a perfect choice. Thanks for sharing this beautiful collection.