Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Tales of the Traveling Totes; Fabulous Give-Away!; Welcome Miss Waverly!

Welcome to our January, 2020, edition of
Tales of the Traveling Totes, where ladies 
from across theUnited States bring their 
lovely, and famous MacKenzie-Childs totes 
along with them on adventures, and then share 
those adventures with you, our readers. I'm so excited about this issue because we have an unbelievable Give-Away for one of our readers. Climb on the Carousel and pick your favorite horse for a very merry ride! Here we go...


And now allow me to introduce our Give-Away:

Wow! I'm almost out of breath! Isn't it gorgeous? Mac-Kenzie Childs is so excited for one of you to win this one-of-a-kind custom tote. We're excited, too! We look forward to reading your comments. Now, I actually have a blog post to share with you. We're in the living room, gathered at the games table. Come on in and join us...

Miss Carrie Ann Hall and Miss Patches insisted that we must have a welcome party for their new little sister, Miss Waverly. Now they knew that Miss Waverly was a one-of-a-kind, so they wanted their party table to be bright and happy, just like Miss Waverly.

The girls also decided that to give recognition to MacKenzie-Childs, we must set our table with beautiful McK-C dinnerware and accent pieces.

Of course, Carrie Ann had to choose the Courtly Check charger plate as the underpinning for our place setting. Me thinks she might have been thinking of herself when she chose the plate.

Miss Patches was thrilled to pick our dinner plate. She quickly chose the Sweetbriar plate.

The girls were unanimous in their choice of the Flower Market White Accent Plate.

They allowed me to add the Fraley-Clark antique carved flatware and the Michael Weems goblet. We all were in agreement on the Horchow pink matless√© tablecloth. A combination of Courtly Check and Flower Market pieces made their ideal centerpiece. 

The welcome party was a complete hit with the girls. Miss Carrie Ann Hall was pretty pleased with herself...

Miss Patches, our middle child, was just happy to be included as a party planner...

And Miss Waverly immediately felt at home. She was so excited to get to know her two older siblings, and she was ever so grateful to know that Julie and Joan, designers at MacKenzie-Childs designed her to fit perfectly into our family!

Well, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. Remember we'll announce our winner of the custom, one-of-a-kind MacKenzie-Childs tote bag on January 27, so get busy letting us hear from you in our comments sections! 
And we'll also look forward to seeing you again for our next episode of Tales of the Traveling Totes!

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