Thursday, April 26, 2018

Remember When, April 26, 2018

Susan at Between Naps has made a special request for her readers to help celebrate Tablescape Thursday #500 by creating a post that features some of our favorite tablescape designs from the past. Sounds like fun to me!  Here we go; come on in and join us...

I Have a Seat at My Table Reserved Just for You, July 7, 2010

This was my very first post for Entertaining Women. I chose to share this one because it represents my introduction to blog world.

Stop By For a Bowl of Home Made Chicken Noodle Soup 

I chose to share this post for three reasons. 1. It definitely set the scene for readers to know that I am a died in the wool 'blue and white girl'. 2. I really like the sepia tone picture that I used. 3. I so appreciated the comment from Bill @ Affordable Accoutrements.  Bill hasn't posted for quite a long time, but I've never forgotten his beautiful work and his kind comments. I really miss him in blog world. (Bill, I always wonder if you are quietly reading our posts. I hope that you are well and enjoying life.)

Red, White, and Blue Luncheon, July 18, 2010

I chose this post because this was the first of the luncheons that I hosted for my dear sorority sisters.  At this premier event, I hosted 16 guests.  In October of 2018, I'll host the fifth luncheon for my sisters.  The last two luncheons I set tables for 75-80 ladies. I wonder how many we'll have in attendance this year?  I'm so excited!

Snow Bird, December, 2010

I could have included a majority of the posts from 2010, but I have 7 more years to cover! I've never forgotten this one, though, so another peek at 2010.  My inspirations: 1. Christmas, oh how I love Christmas.  2. Cuisine Kathleen had given us a challenge to create a tablescape in all white.  I love a good challenge, and I adore Kathleen.  Kathleen is no longer posting, at least regularly, and I miss her so.  She's an amazing cook, and she's dedicated to her loved ones. She's quite a role model. I've never forgotten her. 3. My Garden Friends Bible study group. This  luncheon was for them. I love them so much. They are my dearest friends.

Amethyst and Toile

I love a good color story. I've never forgotten this one.  And I love the opportunity to pull out my wedding china.  We're finally into 2011. Whew!

Hen Party

My inspiration: 1. Lunch for my precious Garden Friends after we finished our Bible study for the day. 2. I love my individual chicken casseroles.  It was fun to create my Hen Party.

Al Fresco Blue

Out here on the prairie we never know when we'll have gorgeous weather for dining al fresco, and when it arrives, I can hardly wait to set a table on the back porch.  Also, I wanted to share the eggs that I painted with my friends.  I've always remembered this centerpiece and the tablecloth that I made.

Cream of the Crop

Inspiration: 1. Another opportunity to set tables for my precious sorority sisters.  This time we sat 56. 2. A beautiful day in the back yard.

Tables for Two

Inspiration: 1. Tables for Two is a fun two for one post.  A blog friend and I both publish a blog centered on some element that we each have in our tablescaping 'tools' closet.  2. Today we both created tablescapes using the same Ballet Dot tablecloth and napkins.  I'll always remember my blog friend Rett from The Gazebo House.

Best Laid Plans

My inspiration: 1. Sweet Mister was entertaining a group of hunting friends. I'll always remember it because "Man makes plans, and God laughs."

Family Style

The inspirations I'll always remember: 1. My family and the generous family treasures for me to steward until it's time for the next generation to enjoy and care for them. 2. My precious Garden Friends, my prayer warriors, my always friends.  I haven't traveled very far through the blogs that I've shared on Tablescape Thursday, but I fear I may overstay your generous welcome.  Perhaps you'll find time to travel further through my archives.  If you do, thank you!

Thanks to Susan @ Between Naps On the Porch for dedicating so much of her time to host us at Tablescape Thursday. I've met so many wonderful blog friends because of her generous efforts. Take a spot of time and pop over to Tablescape Thursday right now.  I think you'll find yourself in tablescape heaven!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Cast Iron Friends Birthday Party, February, 2018

A week or so before Guyanne's birthday party, I was blessed to host a birthday celebration for Becky, another vital link in my circle of lifetime friends. Like so many of us, Becky was the bride of a Vietnam soldier, a pilot, and she owns an amazing story from that era. Bill was stationed in Thailand during the war, and, she was allowed to travel to  live with him. But of course, there was the proverbial catch.  Shortly after they found their home and established their household, Bill received a new set of orders sending him to be stationed in Vietnam. Now they were not living on a base, at this time, so Becky found herself, at all of twenty - four years old, living on her own in a strange, to her, Asian country. She found a job teaching English to Thai employees who worked for the Air Force. Talk about the heart of an adventurer! She Rah lives.  Becky was there alone for ten months before returning to the United States. During her time there, she became quite fond of Asian art and design. As a nod to Becky's Great Adventure and very difficult year, I chose to design her birthday table with an Oriental focus.  Might you be wondering why such a luncheon would include cast iron? Well...that's another part of the party plan. The guests were told to dress comfy and casual on this cold winter day. We're dining in the breakfast room.  Come on in and join us...

My guests were greeted by the Ladies of the Court, antique figurines acquired at an estate sale.  Although there were additional plates during our meal, I can never bear to cover up... Aunt Ida's antique Imari chargers.  She bought them while she was stationed as a WAC major, intelligence officer, in post-war Tokyo at the end of World War II.  They were antiques when she acquired them in 1946, and I am their shepherd for my generation.  It is always a treat to share them with friends for smaller occasions; I only have six of the plates. I continually search for more...maybe some day.

Other pieces which were pressed into service for our celebration included...

The Royal Copenhagen Gold Fan dinner plate,

and the Gorham Royal Regalia Teal salad plate, (Part of a service that a friend asked me to take. It was her daughter's wedding china, and the young lady decided that she wasn't ever going to use it.  My friend was downsizing.) ...

...were joined by the pair of Venetian Gold Flecked goblets. 

A quartet of plump turquoise vases held mixed bouquets...

... and joined the foursome of antique Ladies of the Court to surround a brass Oriental Incense Burner for today's centerpiece. 

Wait just a minute!  What in the world does Cast Iron have to do with this whole shindig? Well, okay...

Becky, Guyanne, and I love to lunch at a local restaurant that features an amazing individual chicken pot pie, served in a cast iron skillet. It's so good, it's necessary to call and reserve one because the pies sell out so quickly!  Guyanne and I met with the owner of the restaurant, and she kindly agreed to prepare the pot pies for our luncheon.  We also gave Becky her own set of cast iron skillets as a birthday gift!  It was all great...especially the pot pies. We're planning lunch at Becky's soon. She's preparing Chicken Pot Pies in her new mini skillets.

Pot pies, green salad, Mimosas, and birthday cake made a well-received menu.  We didn't leave the table until everyone had to get home to put dinner on their own tables.  It was a comfy and loving celebration for a precious friend.

Precious friends, shared histories and stories, a no-brainer menu, making new birthday memories as we grow older together...What are you waiting for? There are celebrations to commemorate!  Don't waste another minute.  At the end of the day, you'll be really tired and completely content!  Call your friends!  And if you're passing my way out here on the prairie, give me a call, and I'll create a table just for you. I'd love for you to be a part of my history, and I'd love to be a part of yours. We have stories to share!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Five O'Clock Tea Club Tablecloth, 4.9.18

 In the 20's, 30's, 40's, and 50's our Nana belonged to The Five O'Clock Tea Club with many of her friends, all of them wives of highly successful leaders in our city.  After decades of wonderful times with the other club ladies, the 60's had rolled around, and Nana was probably one of the last living members.  As a result, I'm guessing that she was the club member left in charge of the Five O'Clock Tea Club tablecloth.  Last week I was blessed to  share a selection of my collection of china, silver, and antique linens with The Oklahoma Art League for their April Guest Day Meeting.  One of those items was the Five O'Clock Tea Club's tablecloth.  Once again, it found its way to the center of a lovely ladies' tea. I'll primarily let you get a look at our tea table and the centerpiece for the group of about 80 ladies.  Come on in and join us...
For the third time in less than 30 days, tulips are the flowers of choice.  By now you're familiar with the Accent Decor tulipiere.  The flowers were arranged at my house three days prior to the meeting.  They were in full bloom this day.  I chose the colors for a painterly effect.  I kept thinking of a painter's palette covered with dabs of color.  

 The Herend Queen Victoria tureen was a unanimous choice by the hospitality committee.  It's also making a third appearance this month; it's hard to get tired of this lovely dame.  Teapots here include Wedgwood, Coalport, Royal Albert, Bernardaud Limoges, and a darling pink stoneware teapot.

When I go to estate sales, I frequently add to my collection of oriental wooden stands.  Today some of them combined to charming effect as we elevated each of the elements in our centerpiece. 

Nana's pair of silver pedestal shells were just right for the lemon curd, which accompanied cranberry-orange scones.  You can't have a tea without scones, right?!

It seems rare that anyone takes coffee or tea after a meal anymore, so it was really fun to pull out an assortment of teacups for the ladies to sup their tea.  We served a French Caramel Crème Brûlée tea by Teaoli. Find it if you can.  So delicious!  This is another of Nana's cutwork linen cloths.  Teacups included Lenox Beltane, Castleton Laurel, Royal Copenhagen God Fan. and Coalport Countryware. Replacements were waiting in the kitchen.  Tea was served from a pair of Silver Urns at either end of the table.

 Here's a pretty good look at the tea club's tablecloth.  It's about 100 years old now.  It's over 200" long, and I had to create a pair of folds to reduce the length for today's table.

 Teapots included Russian china, Meissen Blue Onion, Bernadaud Limoges Artois, and a Mad Hatter teapot that KC brought me from one of her trips to Australia.  The empty spots on both sides of the table would soon be filled with silver trays laden with a fresh assortment of tiny tea sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches were mandatory, of course!

 Lace cookies with milk chocolate filling, Macarones, and the Cranberry Orange Scones waited to be uncovered.  The tea party was enjoyed after the group's business meeting and program.

 I pulled several patterns of luncheon plates for the ladies as they selected their goodies.  Here, the Schumann Empress Dresden Flowers reticulated plate.

 Coalport Sèvres Group luncheon plates.

It was indeed a job for our committee to pull, pack, transport, unload, layout each item for our tea, clear, wash and dry, and then repeat the process to return everything home, but it was so worth the time and effort.  The happy faces of our guests, the enthusiastic conversations that permeated the fellowship hall, the pronounced lack of leftovers...all of these were more than enough to make me willing to do it again the next time the occasion presents itself.  The next time you have the opportunity to share your lovely things with one of your organizations, go for it!  You'll be tired, of course, but there will be no denying the contented smile on your face.

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Tulip Palooza, March 24, 2018

Note: 4.15.18  Thanks so much to Linda @ Life & Linda for featuring my blog in the Dishing It & Digging It Link Party #196.  Linda is the host this week.  Please, be sure to visit Linda and the other blog hosts this week!  You'll find an abundance of talent and inspiration.

The tulips have captured my heart this Spring.  I posted about our Easter table last week, and today I want to share an intimate Baby Shower Brunch that I recently hosted with several other friends.  Once again, the tulips held centre stage.  I set two tables for 16 guests.  Brunch was set out in the breakfast room.  Pull up a chair. This is a photo intensive post, but what else is new.  Enjoy if you're up for it...or just scroll quickly.  Either way, I'm so grateful that you stopped by for a visit.

The front doors were already decked out for Palm Sunday and Easter week....
The table in the center of the foyer...

...and the demi-lune just inside the front door gave guests their first peek of what lay just beyond in the living room and dining room.

Guests gathered in the living room to greet the mom-to-be's family.

Chloe, the Lop, that I sculpted years ago, was in charge of oversight in the kitchen...

Her crew made sure that the St. Louis ice bucket was filled for drinks and plenty of room was available for drink preparations

More of the bunny patrol made certain that the counter was clear for mixing the fresh berries salad and the oven was hot and ready for the Eggs for Brunch Bundt Cakes to bake.

Tucked away in the breakfast room...

The breakfast room was prepared with serving dishes for the brunch menu which consisted of: Orange Cranberry Scones with Lemon Curd,  Eggs for Brunch Bundt Cake,  Fresh Berries Salad, and dessert consisting of Petit Fours, and iced cookies decorated with the new baby girls initials.  Now, the tables...

In the living room, I prepared a table for six guests at the games table.  The ever reliable flip-top table top was pressed into use, yet again.  Gifts were placed on the marble topped refractory table that lives on the wall between the living room and the kitchen.  At one point I entertained opening up that wall for an open concept kitchen/dining room.  I thought that I could use the large table as a kitchen island.  Didn't happen.  I decided that I like my walls in my house. 


I prepared a pair of the green tulipieres as a centerpiece for the games table.  Didn't happen.  The tulips were so successfully dancing by the morning of the party,  I only had room for one container on the table.  Do you remember where you've already seen the partner arrangement?

With few exceptions, both tables were pretty much the same.  One difference was the old fashioned champagne goblets, used to serve Prosecco, a sparkling wine.  Here is the champagne goblet that belonged to my mother-in-love.  I don't know for certain, but I believe that it is Rock Sharpe Crystal. I don't know the pattern name.  Remember, brides from 1938, through the end of World War II, in 1945, were no longer able to register for European crystal or china.  During this period, American manufacturers came into prominence.  Now, the dining room...

Spring has arrived in full color.  The tulips could not have been more cooperative.


No tablecloth today.  The Mottahedeh Blue Lace Charger was placed on the preserved boxwood placemats.  I actually have to spritz/bathe these placemats with water once per month, so they don't dry up and curl up.  The flatware on both tables was Reed & Barton Francis I.

Both tables were set with Coalport Sevres Group.  There are multiple varieties of bouquets on the plates.  Perfect for Spring....really for any season.  This is one of my favorite patterns.

This time the old fashioned champagne was our Nana's antique French crystal.  Antique dealers agree that it is French and antique.  So far no one can identify the maker or pattern name.  Some day! On both tables, the champagnes were paired with the Waterford Simply Pink Goblets.

I was pleased to have enough of the tiny salt and peppers to share with each guest.  I never tire of the lovely whimsy of these tiny works of art.

A quartet of Accent Decor "Rose Bowl" tulipieres...

...flanked the Herend Queen Victoria tureen and underplot.  This piece always makes my heart beat faster.

I could be happy sitting on either side of the table.  The bunnies on the buffet look quite whimsical...

And the contents of the crystal cabinets keep my eyes happy, too.

Spring is always so welcome at our house...

...and definitely on our tables!

Thank you so much for indulging my passion and spending your precious time here.  I absolutely do not take you for granted.  If you ever pass my way out here on the prairie, please, let me know.  I'd love to set a table for you.  We can visit into the evening and get to know each other better.

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