Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Blue and White for Four

Once again, I've missed you all terribly.  Let's just say that it's been an interesting year health wise, but as of now I'm feeling and moving better than I've felt and moved in years.  I'm pretty excited about the possibilities.  I'm going to give my blog another go.  I certainly have a backlog of tablescapes to share with you.  At times I'll probably share two tables at a time, or I'll never catch up.

This luncheon took place in early February, 2015.  A small group of close friends joined me for lunch, and the menu was Soup Soup.  Soup Soup is a wonderful company that literally makes homemade meals and stocks the display cases every single day for customers to come by and pick up meals or a la carte items to go.  They will even accept a recipe that you particularly like and prepare it especially for you.  When I say home cooking, I mean home cooking.  I may never cook again. Come on in.  We're dining in the living room at the games table.

I'm a died in the wool blue and white girl, and once I move past the holidays and hit the first of the year, I find myself heading straight for the blues and whites again and again. 

 A creamy matelasse tablecloth, an eBay find, suited my mood this day.

 Keeping it fairly simple, I found myself happily choosing a variety of blues.  Flowers were kept to a minimum with roses in a array of colors placed in small Waterford posy vases.

 This is Copeland Spode Ermine.  I love the design work on the finial and the handles.

 A pretty tureen is often one of my go-to centerpieces.  There are several reasons that I enjoy utilizing them.  They are really pretty.  They are a great height for a dining table, and your guests can easily see across them to visit with each other.  Finally it takes about five minutes to create your centerpiece, and on occasion you can even put soup in them.  ;-)  The quartet of candlesticks are cobalt depression glass.  They and the centerpiece are more of my eBay finds.

 The Zrike cobalt charger rested peacefully under the Copeland Spode Ermine dinner plate.   Today our everyday stainless steel flatware, Wallace Antique Bead sufficed nicely

Water was served in the Goddinger Sutton Place goblet, and the Libby cobalt goblet from Dollar Tree was available for guests who wanted wine with lunch.   

 Once you are seated, enjoy your view of the table!

 Lunch was comprised of King Ranch Chicken, simple salad, and an incredible, giant dinner roll...all courtesy of Soup Soup.  For dessert, I served my homemade Brandy Ice.

It was a cold winter's day, and after lunch we visited long into the afternoon.  At some point we all need to "Stop the World, I Want to Get Off." (Anthony Newley/Leslie Bricusse musical from the early 60's.  Most memorable song: "What Kind of Fool am I")  Next time you're having one of those 'Stop the World' days, come on by.  I'll pick up Soup Soup when I know you're on the way.

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Rosie M. said...

Lovely table and BEAUTIFUL blue and white plates!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

Valerie Roberts said...

What a beautiful tablescape. Such a stunning setting. You are very talented.

Peggy said...

So glad to see you back and healthy! I need a Soup Soup in my town. That would be great! Love all the blue and white and the lovely table today.

Best of Intentions said...

How wonderful to have you posting again! I missed your beautiful tables graced by a simply amazing collection of china, crystal, silverware, linens and accessories. I look forward to seeing what comes next. Thank you for graciously allowing me to share in the beauty. Marie

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

So glad to know your doing much better! Great to see a new tablescape from you. The soup tureen is perfect centerpiece and of course the pretty dishes and candlesticks are lovely!

June Breheny said...

Cherry Kay, Cherry Kay
Hooray, Hooray
Glad you are back
What more can I say?

Judy Biggerstaff said...

So glad to see a post from you Cherry Kay and such a beautiful table you have designed with your blues. Keep'em coming.

Suzanne Scarborough Melson said...

Miss Cherry Kay...glad you are back...I looked for you every week while you were on hiatus! Sometime could you share your King Ranch Chicken...I know if must be wonderful or you wouldn't keep talking about it! haha Thanks for coming home!

Pondside said...

Hello Cherry Kay - you were missed! I have been off line for a bit and am so glad that I dropped by today. I will get to your latest posts and look forward to that treat!

xinex said...

Beautiful as usual, love the plates and tureen!...Christine

northsouthbirdy said...

Hello CK,
Ermine pattern is just like the ermine fur. I love the geometry of it & yet it is so delicate. I like the strong juxtaposition of navy with the light blue. It pops. I guess one can't have too much blue - just varying shades of it! Regards, Robin