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My friend BJ and I decided to host a luncheon for a group of our sorority sisters.  We hadn't seen some of them in 40 years!  Yep, I'm that old.  We agreed that we would work with a 4th of July theme.  We wanted it to be somewhat casual, but very special.  There were 16 of us at the luncheon, so I created two tablescapes for our group.

As the ladies arrived, they were given a Mimosa to start the party.  The conversations picked up as if we had never been apart.  It was amazing and marvelous!  After the guests were seated, I served a first course of chicken noodle soup in blue and red star shaped bowls. (Yes, I really like chicken noodle soup.)  The invitations had requested that each person bring a "cold salad to share with your cool sisters." Every contribution was "church lady food" delicious.  For dessert, I served my daughter-in-love, Jamiann's, scrumptious cake balls. (  They are so good, they are evil.  More about the cake balls in a moment...

 Jamiann not only created cake balls for dessert, she also made individually wrapped, ribbon tied, cake balls on lollipop sticks.  I used two oasis-filled blue ceramic bowls to create cake ball centerpieces for each table.  They were quick and easy to assemble, and they had a great impact as a design element in the tablescapes.  These were red velvet flavor, and each guest took some home to share with her family after the party. 

Once seated, each guest found an individual covered dessert cloche filled with two cake balls presented on a bed of red, white,  & blue candies.  These were Pina Colada and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.  The individual covered dessert pedestals were a birthday gift from a dear friend.  She found them at Tuesday Morning Mall.  I saw some there as recently as June.  They are also available through Pottery Barn for a higher price.  I use them quite often, and my guests always comment on them.

The "Outdoor Collection," enamelware red and navy chargers and the white enamelware dinner plates were bought on clearance from Pottery Barn last year.  They are dishwasher safe and really fun for casual occasions.  The blue with white stars napkins are actually bandanas, available at Hobby Lobby for $1.27 each.  The ribbon completed the 'stars and stripes' effect.  The blue handled flatware is Argent "Sophia," purchased at Tuesday Morning Mall.

  The red goblet is such a nice size for water or iced tea.  It is Lenox, "Holiday Gem."  It is also made in a great Christmas green.  I believe that it is still available.  The cobalt goblet is by Libby, and I bought it at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 per stem...a great find!

This wonderful 1920's vintage white linen tablecloth belonged to Nana.  It's really too long for this table, so I fold it under, and it works quite nicely.  I've thought about hemming it, but I can never bring myself to cut into it.  Who knows?  Someday I might decide to use it as a drape!  It is unadorned, and I liked it for this crisp, clean tablescape.

My co-host, BJ, provided the charming 'frog jars.'  They are aqua green Mason jars that come with two lids.  One is the traditional lid, and one is a wired lid that works as a frog for flowers.  There was a frog jar with Gerbera Daisies for each guest to take home as a party favor.  They were a real hit with the ladies!  They add a special touch to a casual table.  BJ left some extras with me, and I'll use them often for future tablescapes.  Yippeeee!!!  Thank you, BJ!!!

I often use the game table in my living room for overflow seating, as well as for smaller luncheons and dinners.  The table is actually 48", but here I've utilized one of my 'flip-top table tops.'  With the flip-top, I now have a 60" table, which can seat a generous 8 to a tight 10 guests.  When seating 10, there is not enough space to use service plates, and I need to place smaller chairs.  Today, the table was set for 8.

I'm always intrigued that the same elements can be so distinctly unique on the two different table shapes. Everything is the same on this table with the exception of the tablecloth.  Here I've chosen a white matelasse' tablecloth that I purchased on eBay.  I really enjoy entertaining at a round table.  The conversation flows so easily, and everyone tends to participate equally.
Are you ready to dine, yet?  Grab your plate.  We're serving in the kitchen.

          I am linking, for the first time to The's "Summer Sundays."  Check out all the contributions and enjoy this summer day.  I want to thank The Tablescaper for this opportunity to share.

The Tablescaper hosts a weekly meme entitiled SUMMER SUNDAYS and it’s all about what summer means to YOU. 

Entertaining Women
Entertaining Women

Hello, I'm Cherry Kay I was 40 before I realized that I am an artist. I love to paint, work in clay, rubber stamping, design tablescapes, entertain, and share ideas. I'm an interior designer credentials, but lots of experience.


  1. I saw the tables set, but before you added all the accent pieces that give them so much flair! You never cease to amaze me with yet another home run! I can hear the fireworks in the background right now! Just gorgeous.

  2. Oh, and Jamiann's cake balls are WONDERFUL.

  3. What a darling table! You've put everything together so beautifully. I'm trying the cake balls soon. Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Oh this is so sweet, I'm grabbing a plate and heading in your kitchen to enjoy one of those cake balls! LOL, I wish anyway! They look so yummy and everyrhing is gorgeous. What lucky guests to be at your parties.

  5. Oh my gosh.
    What a fabulous luncheon.
    Ladies parties are my favorite to have-
    They are just so gratifying.
    You have inspired me to have either a bruch or luncheon before school starts!
    Even though I am a retired teacher, I still think that way.

    White Spray Paint

  6. What a fun, festive table and the individual cloches at each setting is just special! I'm sure everyone had a great time!

  7. What a beautiful table that you have for your guest. I'm excited to read and learn more about the cake balls. Thanks for sharing!


  8. Thank you so much for sharing your party with us. I just don't know where to begin.The flatware is lovely, it's just a little different than what you usually see. I love the centerpieces. I've got to do some investigating on these cake balls. They sound like a great treat - not too much, but just enough.It's so fun that they each got to take some home after the event, but I think my favorites are the individual cloches. How special to be greeted at your place with your own.

    Thanks so much for being a part of Summer Sundays! Looking forward to having you with us next Sunday too!

    - The Tablescaper

  9. love your post!! what a wonderful luncheon ya'll put on. Every detail is perfect and festive. I can hear all of the ladies laughing and having a great time together.

  10. WAIT. Tuesday Morning has a MALL??? How did I not know that? Ahhh, the downside to living in a small town. Sigh. I think I will have to try your (and Jamiann's) cake ball idea for 4th of July. So cute and easy!


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