Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Cheer

First things first...We are truly blessed to have the means to set a pretty table and invite our friends to join us for good food and fellowship. As the holiday season progresses I am mindful that many are not so fortunate. My daughter has a passion for the work of the Food Bank. As a singer-songwriter, she has written and recorded a song that is the anthem for the world wide Crop Hunger Walk project. Her song, "Raise Your Voice" is featured in their video. I've included a link in the side margin of my blog. I hope that it will encourage you to support projects in your community that contribute to the effort to overcome hunger.

Every year I am thrilled to open boxes and closets and bring out the precious Christmas decorations that have graced our home all these years.  Some of them are wonderful...some of them are dated...some of them are just a bit tired.  All of them are special in my eyes.  They hold so many memories, sweet, sad, and bittersweet, of the journeys that are the lives of my family.  I am just as excited to hang the macaroni and glitter ornament that my son made in pre-school at age 3 as I am to create the vignettes for our marvelous Simpich dolls and to design a tablescape with our beautiful Christmas china.  I've never had a cohesive design theme for our Christmas house.  It's always been kind of an 'anything goes' moment.  And somehow that always seems to work for us.  I wanted to share our Christmas home with you tonight.  I hope that it brings  you a measure of joy.  I pray that something in my tour will help you to turn your heart to the 'reason for the season.'

On any given day, this sits on the corner of the kitchen counter, next to the back/garage door...

But come the Christmas holidays, the metamorphosis usually begins right here.  The Santa pitcher and mugs see lots of hot chocolate and spiced cider throughout the season.  They anchor....

...the rest of the counter, which stands at the ready for guests when they drop by for a visit.

You learned about the breakfast room HERE.

...and the 'Reason for the Season' HERE.  But wait!  There's more...

The tree is readied, and 'the stockings are hung by the chimney with care.'  I love to needlepoint, although I no longer stitch with the passion that I used to have when I made many of the items in the living room.  Take a look, please...

The lovely background pattern, the wise men and the angels were designed by Alexa.  I designed the shepherds and the holy family.  I'll stitch another angel for my daughter-in-love and another shepherd for my son-in-love.  My grandchildren will have stockings with the same pattern plus lambs.  I need to bring out the needle and thread and get busy again.

My daughter-in-love created the framed 'noel' for us.  It's so pretty!  The Santa Doll was stitched on a Melissa Shirley canvas. 

And then there are the rest of the Simpich Dolls, my favorites...

Hansel & Gretel appear at Halloween and remain as a part of the landscape throughout the Christmas holiday...

"The Gift Bringer," "Melinda and Chris"...

"Santa Takes a Break"...

...and "The Carolers," my original Simpich collection.  Oh my goodness, I just realized that I've forgotten to take out the "Elves" collection.  They may or may not make an appearance this year.  We'll see.

"But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."  Joshua 24:15.  For our house, Jesus is the reason for the season.  I love that my children were taught that the reason that we give gifts at Christmas is to symbolize the greatest gift of all...the gift that God gave us when he sent His Son.  I would love to think that some day you might walk through our door at Christmas time, and I would have the blessing of sharing our treasured Nativity with you.  As we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we pause to give thanks to God for all we received, all He provided for us to give, and for the moments we were in His will and felt closest to Him.  Merry Christmas!

That's enough for now. There's more to see, but I know that you are eager to check out all the other wonderful bloggers who are participating in Susan at Between Naps on the Porch's wonderful meme, Metamorphosis Monday.  Many thanks to Susan for continuing to provide such a wonderful vehicle for us to share our passions and our creative outlets.  Also, congratulations on your 100th Metamorphosis Monday...quite an accomplishment!

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Holiday Decor Party
I'm joining Sherry at her 'Share the Decor' Party.  Click HERE to join the fun!

You can check out KC's music at, on iTunes, and on YouTube.  I hope that you'll take a few minutes and give her a listen.  You'll also enjoy reading back through her blog on this site.  The girl can really write!  Her latest CD is called "Orchid."  It is available on iTunes or through her website.  KC is currently the featured artist of the week at  I hope that you'll give her music a chance.  I know that I have zero objectivity where she is concerned, but I think that you'll fall in love with her music and her! 

Entertaining Women
Entertaining Women

Hello, I'm Cherry Kay I was 40 before I realized that I am an artist. I love to paint, work in clay, rubber stamping, design tablescapes, entertain, and share ideas. I'm an interior designer credentials, but lots of experience.


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by...yes the party was a blast! lol Wow I must say you have such great Christmas items. I was drooling photo after photo...Christmas is my favorite time of year but because of bdays it doesnt get full attention. lol Your items looks so welcoming and like family heirlooms that have been collected and passed down. I LOVE IT!

  2. What a simply beautiful display, I love your Carolers they are gorgeous!

  3. A lovely Christmas house -- I especially think the Santa pitcher and mugs on the stacked cake plates is so novel -- and at the ready for December sipping!

    Your dolls are so nice and I love the carolers. They are such a neat collection.

  4. I am in love with your Santa pitcher and mugs and especially the clever way you displayed them! Mugs take up so much room and this way it is so wonderful. You have filled your house with such fun decor. I love your stockings. We have homemade ones from felt and sequins that we have made for everyone. I love seeing yours and that you plan to make them for everyone. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. I am so glad you visited The Howell Blessings! I LOVE your home! It is so picturesque for Christmas! and I also love the Garden Friends name. I never thought of time spent with our saviour in the garden. No wonder I love to garden!! Following you! Miss Mindy

  6. Thank you for such a lovely comment on my blog. Every first is hard and the hole will never be filled but with time, the pain will ease. Merry Christmas to you!!

  7. I really enjoyed this great Met Monday post. Your Santa mugs and pitcher are just so cute. Who wouldn't enjoy drinking hot chocolate out of those? :) All your decorations are beautiful.Going back now to check out your breakfast room.

  8. Your holiday home is beautiful. Love the carolers in the snow!

  9. I'm just getting around to doing my replies, were were gone all weekend!!

    I enjoyed seeing your Christmas decorations soooo much, thanks for sharing them with us!

    I have just posted some of my decorations too, you are invited to come see!


  10. What a lovely tour, Cherry Kay.
    Thank you for your kind words on my blog. When a blogging friend takes the time to write something so personal I am truly touched. As for the prayer, I am going to make it mine too.

  11. Everything looks so cozy and beautiful and I love all the needlepoint! Joshua 24:15 is my favorite bible verse. "choose this day whom you will serve"

  12. Your stockings are amazing as well as beautiful. I love your carolers, too.

    Elisabeth @ Treasuring the

  13. Your home is so lovely and inviting, Thank you for sharing it with us! Thank You so much for your recent visit to my blog and for leaving such a sweet comment! I pray that you and your family will have a very Merry CHRISTmas!

  14. Your home is so beautiful and I love all your Christmas accessories and decorations, Cherry Kay. Merry Christmas to you and your family!..Christine

  15. I always enjoy seeing the carolers. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment.


  16. What a fun peek inside your lovely home, Cherry Kay! Everything is so rich & warm &'ve done some magnificent stitching & have lots of pretties on display! I like how you've surrounded many with berries & picks & fabrics. I must remember to do that next year.

    Many Blessings on you & yours this Christmas!

  17. oh my gosh, what a great idea with the santa pitcher and mugs. it looks like such a statement displayed the way you did it! great idea! and i love those carolers!

  18. THAT'S the one, i know which commercial you mean now! you're right, that is a good one, and seems to be the one most people are commenting on.

    i've heard the bc clark jingle from another blogger who said the same thing-that everyone in the state knows it!

  19. Cherry Kay, your house is truly home. I love idea of the mugs displayed in that manner. that is one I know I'll have to borrow!!! Your collections are amazing and look beautiful in your home. Merry Christmas!

  20. I absolutely love your table and all the pretty dishes. You have an impressive Lenox Christmas plate collection. I have the 1988 plate, bought for my son on his first Christmas.
    I am in love with your Simpich caroler set, and with the picture of the city scene behind them, genious.

    Thanks for sharing.

  21. The holiday decor is wonderful. I adore your Carolers!

    Come and enter my Giveaway from My Sparrow, you will love it!

    Art by Karena

  22. It's all so beautiful! love your carolers and the Santa cute.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and your family.

  23. What a clever way to display your Santa mugs! I will try finding a tiered server to put mine on. Thanks for the clever tip!


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