Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Simply Plaid for Christmas

Two days after the Garden Friends luncheon, Sweet Mister invited some of his friends to join us for a Christmas dinner party.  Tonight I set a table for 12.  This party was male centric, so that determined the tone for my design.  We're in the dining room again.  Come on in and join us. I plan on making this one short and sweet...at least that's my plan so far...Hey!  It could happen.  What's that?  Fat chance?  Now just a minute...or two...or ten!

 Since this one was for a majority of men, I figured most of them would never notice that I left my apple green glitzy stuff in the chandelier and on the buffet while going with a more traditional green and red palate for the table.

 The Williams Sonoma Classic Red Tartan tablecloth made me happy on numerous levels.  A.  I adore plaids.  B.  Pulling centerpiece elements for this cloth was a breeze...I was going for masculine, English, traditional, and on hand in my closets.

 A quick rundown of the place setting...An inexpensive Hobby Lobby black acrylic charger plate, held the Wedgwood Queensware Plain dinner plate.  Queensware Plain is another dishwasher safe dinner plate, so yay for me.  Keeping it simple I topped the plates with a Pier One homespun green napkin, a true wash and wear napkin.  The flatware is L'Argent Sophia Gold.  I just liked that little punch of a yellow/cream tone.
 Stemware for this evening:  The Lenox Holliday Gem red goblet and the Viking or Colonial (can't remember...I've had them since the early 70's) green goblet.  Another dishwasher safe pairing.
An assortment of 3 antique English containers became the inspiration for the centerpiece.  Years ago, Sweet Mister brought me the oak and copper wine pitcher from  Mill House Antiques in Woodbury, Connecticut.  Go there if you ever have the opportunity!  The short copper pitcher was a gift from a friend, and the oak and copper bowl was an inexpensive eBay find.  Combined with my collection of Barley Twist candlesticks and randomly placed Hobby Lobby greenery picks, the centerpiece came together quickly and with minimal effort...truly a collected tabletop.

 Those glass raspberries made another appearance this week.  Thank you , Target

 I served Chicken Tetrazinni...

 ...a simple green salad...

 ...dinner rolls,  and Brandy Ice for dessert.  Comfort food for a comfort-filled evening with friends.

Wow!  I just love plaid.  How about you?  This one's ready to roll.  Now it's on to my next event.

This week I'm joining:

Worthwhile Wednesdays #103 with Craftie Allie


Entertaining Women
Entertaining Women

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  1. A perfect setting for the men! The table cloth is gorgeous! And did i read correctly that you put your stemware in the dishwasher? Happy New Year!!

  2. I love it! I'm so glad you're back. I've been reading your blog for several years now and missed the gorgeous inspirations. (p.s. We share a silver pattern - R&B Grande Renaissance.)

  3. What a beautiful table, fit for men or women!! I just love the hearty touch of the wood and metal containers. They are fabulous. Love both goblets too. You did such a nice job! I hope they are men that appreciate it!


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