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Celebrating in Gold and White, 11.18.16

My friends Sheila and Sandy have November birthdays, and I looked forward to preparing a small luncheon for their closest friends.  Both of these friends are lovely ladies, and I wanted to fete them with an elegant and feminine tablescape that also gave a very gentle nod to the colors of Fall.  I set a table for 5 at the games table in the living room.  Please, join us!

 Tiffany blue, white, and lots of gold were the name of the game today.

  A vintage white appliqué organza floated gently over a turquoise satin undercloth.

 Isn't it fun when you picture a design in your mind, and it ultimately turns out the way you envisioned it? This was one of those moments.

 I've been slowly collecting gold and white pieces for a long time.  I had a blast pulling all the goodies out of my cabinets and closets to create this confection for Sheila and Sandy's party!

 New to my cache of charger plates, the Vietri glass with a ruffled gold rim charger is probably currently available at a shop near you.  They are mid-priced, and I am collecting them slowly.  Tip:  Pier One currently has a similar charger for $15.00 each.  Take a look before they are all gone!

 The Coalport Lady Anne white and gold dinner plate is absolutely elegant.  It definitely demanded the gold toned flatware as an accompaniment for today's design.

 The antique English Crescent & Sons, salad plate came from our wonderful Susan Nowell @  My Place to Yours.  She was choosing to downsize, and I was the grateful recipient of these lovelies.  They were probably the beginning of my adventure into collecting white and gold.

 One of my best ever finds and fantastic "gets", I acquired these vintage Glastonbury-Lotus chillers at a local antiques mall for $70.00 for 12.  They had never been used and still had the original Glastonbury tag on them. I grabbed them as quickly as I could.  Yippeee for me!

 The Coalport gold and white Cairo was a sweet addition for bread and butter.

 The taller Glastonbury-Lotus Golden Rod served as our wine goblet.  Also by Glastonbury, the gold scrolled goblet held water for my guests. I don't know the name of the scrolled goblet.  Do you?  I'd love to know.

 No pumpkins today, but the coral and gold tulips were a gentle reminder of the season.  The petite jardiniere originally held a Seda France candle.  I've been burning Japanese Quince and French Tulip candles like mad.  I would love to be able to use 4 per table for a large seated luncheon or idea of recycling.

 A quartette of tulip bouquets surrounded the Mottahedeh white and gold little effort for a centerpiece with great impact.

 Our Nana's beautiful linen and organdy embroidered napkins worked perfectly with the other elements in my design.  Thank you, Nana, again and again!

 This is one of my "barely eats anything" group of friends.  This day the menu included a cold avocado and cucumber soup for an opening course.  The entree was a spinach salad tossed with chicken and bowtie pasta, and Caesar dressing,  served with hot bread.  Dessert was a birthday ribbon cake with whipped cream frosting.  
 My friends were at the front door...time for the party to begin!

As the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaches, I am already thankful for precious friends with whom I can share food, fun, and fellowship.  They arrived at noon for our luncheon.  We lingered long into the afternoon visiting with each other...altogether a perfect day.  Let me know if you're coming my way.  I'd love to set a table for you, too.

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Entertaining Women

Hello, I'm Cherry Kay I was 40 before I realized that I am an artist. I love to paint, work in clay, rubber stamping, design tablescapes, entertain, and share ideas. I'm an interior designer credentials, but lots of experience.


  1. Beautiful colors! The gold is stunning against the blue and the tulips are a perfect compliment! Your friends must have enjoyed this birthday celebration, the menu sounds delicious! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  2. Be still my beating heart!!! Your table is absolutely gorgeous. And I am so jealous over the $70 "find."

  3. Cherry Kay, I just love what you did. All of those elements do take a long time collecting & once you have them all together it make your heart flutter, I know. The chargers are beautiful, but so is everything else. I'm going to get some of those candles you mentioned as I love the idea of "recycling" the containers. You & hubby & family have a wonderful Thanksgiving in Oklahoma! We've gotten all the way down to 49f last night, it's beautiful & sunny today. I walked my little Maltese, Bono, a really long walk this morning, both of us needed it !! And, your little "terrorist"....what a beauty !!!

  4. Cherry Kay, I had to share this beautiful blog on my facebook page. I am so glad you are back doing the work of the beautiful table again. Thank you for inspiring, forgive me for the coveting I have to repent of each time I read your blog.....and in the words of my wonderful Grandmother.....insert a very strong Texas accent......."She seems like a lovely girl, but does she set a nice table?" Love to you!!


  5. Your table is stunning dear Cherri Kay ! I love the blue under the lovely white applique topper. I love to do this. The tulips pop up in such a lovely color too.
    The china is gorgeous; indeed very elegant, with so much gold and the pretty glass and gold chargers really 'frame' the plates perfectly !!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  6. Just gorgeous the way everything relates! I could linger at your table a very long time indeed!

    Sandra at Dinner at Eight

  7. Truly a table fit for a queen. I adore the gold pieces. So regal and elegant. Cherri kay, you have always set a gorgeous table. The tulips are a nice touch. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Thank you for sharing this beautiful table at DI&DI.

  8. Cherry Kay, So good to see a beautiful table from you. I have missed you. Hope all replacements have healed.
    You didn't disappoint. Your china, silverware, linens and all gorgeous containers are indeed special. The tulips are delightful and your tureen is wonderful. Love the candle containers too. Oh, and your gold flatware is great and so stylish this year.

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Come back next week for the Holiday Tablescape blog hop! It begins on Monday. I will have the link live after Thanksgiving. Mine is on Tuesday. There are a lot of new tablescapers. Bonnie

  9. I am absolutely drooling over the gold! Those chargers - have to run to Pier 1! Wait!!! I am trying to clean things out - but those are stunning - they look like ruffled gold lace under the plates, and I adore the dessert dishes! What a joy to get an invitation to your house!

  10. What a gorgeous tablesetting. I love all the gold and classic and elegant. Every detail is perfect!

  11. This is beautiful! Love the blue with the gold- so elegant! Your friends are are so lucky to have a friend that likes to entertain like this! Have a warm and loving Thanksgiving Day with your family.

  12. How delightful to be viewing another one of your spectacular tablescapes, Cherry Kay! Pure delicious eye candy...Marie Antoinette would have been honored to be seated at such an elegant display. The white appliqué organza floating over the turquoise satin undercloth reminds me of a carved cameo.
    Loving all your glorious gold trimmed pieces, too. I have similarly sized Vetri chillers that would match those chargers beautifully.
    I haven't entertained much since Ern passed away but you inspire me to start back up again.

    Enjoy a gratefully full Thanksgiving with your family! {{{HUGS}}}

  13. I always have a piece of paper at hand when I read your blog.. It's for the shopping list!! Your table is exquisite. I love the colors and the gold pieces are just lovely. Can't believe you and I both love the tulip candles! Two peas in a pod for sure. Happy Thanksgiving! xo marlis

  14. Hello CK,

    2 words - Simply Regal



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