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Adding the Kids' Table, Thanksgiving, 2017

 Although I know that a bevy of 'on the ball' bloggers are already publishing Christmas tablescapes, my tables are always set for actual guests at real time meals.  As a result, I hope that you will grant me a measure of grace and  are still content to stroll through one more Thanksgiving post.  By the time our holiday house guests left for home last Friday afternoon, I was ready for a long nap. I'm now rested, the house is fully dressed in its Christmas finery, and I have a spot of time to compile my Thanksgiving post.  

The grandchildren are growing so fast, and for the first time, we set two for the old fogies and one for the children.  I had a ball setting the kids' table, and as always I thoroughly enjoyed creating the design for the dining table.  This will be a photo intense post, so I'll try to minimize the text.  I set a table for four for the grandkids.  We're in the breakfast room; come on in and join us...

Although the tables each had their own unique look, I utilized the same china and chargers on both tables.

A Pier One copper charger was coupled with...

...a creamy acrylic charger from Kirkland's.  I like the effect of just the edge of the copper plate showing beneath the cream plate.

I was so excited to use the Hartley Green Leeds Pottery reticulated creamware dinner plate.  Pictures just don't do it justice.  I adore this pattern.

Fenton Empress Goblets...chunky enough for little hands...lent a Colonial feel that worked well with...

...the linen flax tablecloth, an estate sale find, and our Anna Lee Pilgrims, which have been a part of our family celebrations for decades, since my own son and daughter were the age of our grandchildren.

I was even able to integrate another piece of the Hartley Green Leeds for the centerpiece.

The kids loved them, and they made me giggle and smile.

A day for prayer...

..and praise.

The Furnival Blue Quail...

...and a selection of some of my tureen collection seemed pleased to have been invited to the festivities.

The kids' table met with good reviews.  Now let's head into the dining room.

Everything is ready and waiting for family and friends.  This day I set a table for twelve.

I always love an opportunity to use the linen tablecloth and napkins that Sweet Mister bought for me while we were vacationing in Sorrento Italy.

Again...the table is set with an assortment of the Hartley Greens Leeds Pottery reticulated creamware.

Waterford Simply Lilac paired with our Nana's antique French crystal goblet.  

Each piercing in the Hartley Greens Leeds Pottery "Chestnut Bowl" is created individually by hand with antique cutting tools.  Just amazing.

I love the way that the carved wood finials work with the reticulated china pieces.  The fall leaves are garlands from Hobby Lobby.

Gold flatware was an estate sale find some years ago.

Everything is spit spot shiny and ready to go.

It was such a blessing to have both of my children and their families gathered around my tables this Thanksgiving.

Certainly a perfect time to offer prayer and praise to our loving God.

I humbly thank you for stopping by for a visit, and I pray that I'll see you often here at Entertaining Women.

Until we meet again, may your tables always be set with an abundance of love and joy.  And remember, if you happen to pass my way out here on the prairie, I would love to set a table just for you. 

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  1. Both tables are stunning, but I must say I favor the children's table with those cute felt characters! Your dinner dishes are lovely! As always, you make your guests so welcome with such meticulously decorated tables! Enjoy the holiday season!

  2. You are the hostess who never misses a detail. The children's table is adorable! You certainly know how to create an exquisite table for your guests.

  3. You were ON IT this Thanksgiving!!!!! You really put the pedal to the metal and made it roar!!!! Wow, Cherry Kay! First, I appreciate that you set the children’s table with some of the same elements as the adult table. Kids like to feel a little bit grown up, and how else will we ever teach them how to properly utilize and handle nice things? We have to expose them to it at a young age! My parents made sure we were exposed early on, ad it totally paid off. You still kept it appealing to the young senses with that sweet centerpiece, but you also allowed them to feel “trusted” to have more grownup things. Love it! As for the adult table, I am almost lacking for words! That crystal!!! That reticulated centerpiece tureen! What an utterly elegant table! The purple hues were the hit surprise with the napkins and tablecloth just showing it all off!!! Magnifique!!!

  4. Oh Cherry Kay,

    You set the most gorgeous tables. I love that you still used stemware for the kids table. I have 6 grandsons and they just cannot get it. lol My granddaughter can though. I love that Green Leeds creamware. just swoon worthy..

    and last but not least, I am beyond thrilled to see someone has way more tureens than me. hahaha Aren't they just the most wonderful pieces?
    Love this whole post..

    p.s. I only set my tables in real time too..

  5. Something we have in common: I don’t set a table that isn’t used. I guess doing it just for the sake of doing it has no appeal to me. Without question, your tables are among the most elegant I see with every detail perfect. They show your appreciation for beauty.

  6. Another beautiful table. I must say your grands must feel so special. The centerpiece does make you smile. Love how you set the kid's table to make them feel special, goblets in all. things are meant to be used. Not familiar with Green leeds creamware, but it has absolutely sparked my interest.


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