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Here We Go with a Ho Ho Ho! 2018

The Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons seemed to fly by so quickly this year. I've decided to create a Holliday Diary, 2018, for you. This week's entries are photo intensive. Grab a cup of coffee or hot tea and settle into your favorite chair...and thanks for your patience and endurance in advance.  I hope that you enjoy the tables I have to share with you.

Fourteen of us gathered for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. The kids wanted everyone to be seated at one table, so I melded a large oval and large round for a rather unique configuration.

Copper Williams Sonoma hurricanes, a Spode Camilla tureen, and wooden boxes filled with bright Autumn colors meandered the length of the tables...

...joining Vietri amber optic goblets and green AJKA Arabella wines...

with Pier One hammered copper chargers and the Copeland Spode Pink Tower dinner plates  to welcome an enthusiastic and grateful family to the table to share a meal and give thanks to God for the blessings that He pours upon us. After our precious time at the table, dishes were washed and put away, and everything was put back in place because...

...less than a week later, Christmas was in place at our house and it was time for the seasonal entertaining to begin.

December 5...

...I gathered with a small group of friends for our annual Christmas luncheon. I set a table for five at the games table next to the Christmas tree. The pillows at each chair were my Christmas gift to my friends at the table.

The Vietri gold ruffled charger framed the Aynsley Red Imperial dinner plate. Gold toned flatware added to the festive tone of the table.

The antique white and gold octagonal plate was later used for dessert. I acquired it some years ago from Susan @ From My House to Yours. I've so enjoyed using them time and again. 

One of my oldest, my mother-in-love's Rock Sharpe crystal wine goblet, was joined by one of the newest denizens in the crystal cabinet, the Edinburgh King James water goblet. You'll see this lovely several times in my soon to follow blog posts. It's a large stem with excellent balance. It truly dances when set against candlelight.  The gold/cream stripe napkin was a recent birthday gift from my dear friends Guyanne and Barbara. They found the set of 12 napkins at Home Goods. It's lovely.

My centerpiece consisted of a large Waterford red crystal bowl filled with candied fruit. Simple greenery picks created a bed for the bowl which is surrounded by a quartet of four  red mercury glass Christmas trees found last year at a local florist, New Leaf. Cut glass votives, found many years ago at Dollar Tree, completed the design.

 We visited long into the afternoon. 

December 7...

Two days later I hosted another luncheon for dear friends. This day I set a table for four. I was able to move quickly because I used  many of the same elements that I utilized two days earlier.

I did want to share another design in my collection, Christmas Garland by Andrea for Sadek. I found this pattern on eBay. I wanted to share it with you because in case you are wanting to add a Christmas plate to your own stash, this one can be add for extremely reasonable prices. I purchased a good number of them for under $5.00 - $10.00 per dinner plate.

For an additional $60.00, I acquired 12 matching salad plates; that's $5.00 per plate! eBay Tip: The longer a design is listed over and over on eBay, the higher the prices will climb. I've watched this situation develop many times, so if you want to buy a pattern, watch for one that is relatively new to eBay listings. It's the old early bird gets the worm lesson.

I ended up double booking myself on this day. I had another party to attend. Couldn't believe that I did that. When I left, I told my friends to please, stay and enjoy each other's company for as long as they wished. They stayed and visited with each other until almost 5:00 p.m. I just missed them when I returned home again. I hate incompetence, particularly my own. Did you ever schedule two dates with boys on the same night; I did. I thought I had learned from those unfortunate moments. Evidently not. On this day I was without doubt an EGR. Extra Grace Required

December 12...

 If you've been reading my blog for any time...and I've been missing in action for quite some know that I cherish my friends in my Garden Friends Bible Study group. This Wednesday, was the day that I was blessed to gather this precious group of women around my table for food, fun, and fellowship. Today I set a table for 10 in the dining room. Please, join us!

I've been eager to use this hefty silver dome and platter for quite a while. I bought it at a lovely estate sale some time ago. Yes, it held the turkey at our Thanksgiving dinner, on the buffet. Today it anchored my centerpiece design.

The pair of wooden deer (elk?) were found this year at my favorite New Leaf floral shop. You'll see them several more times on my Christmas tables. They make me really happy. Also in the 'make Cherry Kay happy' category...have you noticed all the new Christmas trees gracing assorted tables throughout the house? My childhood friends feted me at a birthday party last month. Each and every one of them gave me a Christmas tree for a birthday present. I'm stealing the idea. Think about it! Bags full of bunnies in the Spring, pumpkins in the Autumn, the possibilities all spell F-U-N to me!

Left to right: The napkins were an eBay find. The napkin ring is actually a candle ring. The silver is my Reed & Barton Grande Renaissance wedding sterling flatware.  The red lacquer was my first ever charger, a gift from a good friend. I've used them for years, The dinner plate was made for Macy's,  Royal Gallery Holly & Ivy. It's new to my collections, and it was bought for a song on eBay. (See previous eBay Tip. Same song, second verse) The Waterford Clarendon Green Serenity goblet was a happy mix with the AJKA Arabella red wine goblet.

Ready to go. Already making plans for two large parties on Sunday, December 16, and Monday, December 17. These two will demand dedicated organization. Tune in for my next entries in my Christmas Entertaining Diary, 2018!

And so, the first week of Christmas entertaining comes to an end.  More to come next time. Thank you so much for taking the time to explore my tables. I'm hopeful that I am going to be able to publish posts more consistently as we go forward. I've really missed hearing from you all, and I've missed spending time studying and enjoying your beautiful blogs, too.

This week I'm joining Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch

Entertaining Women
Entertaining Women

Hello, I'm Cherry Kay I was 40 before I realized that I am an artist. I love to paint, work in clay, rubber stamping, design tablescapes, entertain, and share ideas. I'm an interior designer credentials, but lots of experience.


  1. Hi, Cherry Kay, I've missed you! You've already done more Christmas entertaining in the first week of December than I did all season. Love your tables. Your silver turkey platter and dome set is beautiful and you are so artistic to use it as a dining table centerpiece. Mother had an old pewter one that my sister has now; they both use/d it as a dining room accent on an old "dry sink."

    Another interesting thing you've shown me has been to use our old "Dickens figures"-- vintage handmade freestanding dolls depicting the Cratchit family, Scrooge, and other figures from the old Christmas story-- on the dining table itself. I had never thought of having them anywhere other than the mantel! They looked charming on a Black Watch plaid tablecloth with white candlesticks and candles and a blue and white planter with red Christmas cactus.

    And the white candlesticks were because of you, too-- Wedgwood "Countryware" is our everyday pattern. Because of you, I learned to look on eBay for Coalport "Countryware" as well, and found two matching sets of candlesticks, which look great together.

    Finally (sorry this is so long) my husband adores your mama's "Brandy Ice," and so do I. Thank you.

    Thank you and Happy New Year! I can't wait for your next Christmas post!

  2. Dear Cherry Kay, So happy to view your photos and read your commentary. You have been missed. Love the pink plates on the copper chargers. Your Thanksgiving table felt very bright and gay. Also love the green-edged white napkins that you acquired on eBay. They evoked a mod, tailored feeling. Also love the way the napkin rings (candle rings?) add to the theme of your 2 different types of garland plates. Little accents like that tie (no pun intended) everything together. Regards, Robin

  3. I am not sure where to begin so I went back and scrolled thru again!! You know how much I enjoy peeking into your home to see your pretty tables. I think my favorite this time are the Vietri gold ruffled chargers (just when I have decided that chargers are a nuisance, I see some I adore!!) And what a great ideas your friends had to gift you trees!! What a great way to start someone on a collection! Happy New Year!!

  4. So many beautiful tables - the Aynsley Red Imperial plates are stunning, and I loved your idea to gift each friend a lovely holiday-themed pillow on their chair!

  5. Wow, you have some beautiful tables. I love how you decorate. Your guests must feel extra special. The vietri gold ruffled chargers are gorgeous. So many lovely dishes to impress!
    Happy New Year Cherry Kay.

  6. So glad to see your Christmas decorations again. Especially "Simpich Carolers".
    So many beautiful tables. I can imagine the joy it has brought to your guests and family.
    Wishing you a blessed 2019

  7. Fun idea to create a holiday diary. I did a year book this year with 16 photos to a page and had 50 pages. No wonder I don’t feel like I have enough time. I already have put together 20 new pages for next years since I have to stop in Oct to publish them for the kids for Christmas. Yikes! I need a break.
    Your tables are all so pretty. Glad you had a wonderful season.


  8. I'm sorry I haven't come around to visit you before dear friend, but I just saw you commenting a post, so I came rushing by. I hope this new year is off to a good start for you, although tomorrow is Feb... amazing !
    Every table you have decorated, as much as your holiday decor and every china and all your dishes are stunning ! It took me a while to visit your post to admire so much beauty.
    The flowers, the flatware and gorgeous stemware is eye candy.
    Big hugs,


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