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Tales of the Traveling Totes #26, Blizzard on the Prairie, February, '21 & A Giveaway

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This winter has been a wild ride out here on the prairie, and I never had much of a chance to even leave the house. We experienced a 100 year winter storm, and sharing a glass of wine and some cheese from the MacKenzie-Childs Cheese Course in front of the fireplace, felt like a wonderful way to celebrate Valentines. We were pretty much snow and ice bound for a full two weeks. Wind chill temps plunged to a zesty -36°.
Eventually the ice melted, and in last week we experienced temps in the 60's and 70's. Even my pansies have begun to perk up again. I grabbed the opportunity to set a table for "Dine and Dash" after our Garden Friends Bible study. I was so ready to use one of my blue and white patterns. I selected the Mottahedeh Blue Canton on the Mottahedeh Blue Lace charger. The Mottahedeh Blue Canton candle sticks are fun to line up down the center of the table. The big fat blue and white round bowl was an estate sale find. I don't know anything about it, and I really enjoy using it. The crystal came straight from the kitchen cabinets. The Mikasa French Country paired nicely with the cobalt Dollar Tree goblets. 

 We met on the screened porch where it is easy to practice social distancing. The antique English pine harvest table (which has been in our warehouse since 1997) is home again, and it was the perfect spot for us to spread out for an easy lunch of quiche and fresh fruit. Some of the ladies needed to move along, and a group of us stayed to visit the afternoon away. We've all had both of our vaccine shots for several weeks, and it was so nice to be able to gather in a safe environment for fellowship. We are all excited to see our lives returning to normal, or at least more normal. I was even able to go to church and Sunday School again this month. So interesting when the ability to move, from a spot in front of the fireplace inside to the screened porch, feels almost as exciting as a cruise. Here's hoping that Spring and Summer present more opportunities to enjoy a trip or adventure.

I never take those of you who take your time to read my posts for granted. I appreciate you so much. Thank you!!! Be sure to stop by to visit and comment on the posts from all the ladies of The Traveling Totes. You'll automatically be entered to win our giveaway, a darling MadKenzie-Childs tea towel when you visit Jackie and Miss Madi K. @ Purple Chocolate Home. Good luck!!!

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We'll return on June 1st to share our Spring adventures.and we hope to find you here again !

Entertaining Women
Entertaining Women

Hello, I'm Cherry Kay I was 40 before I realized that I am an artist. I love to paint, work in clay, rubber stamping, design tablescapes, entertain, and share ideas. I'm an interior designer credentials, but lots of experience.


  1. I can't imagine 2 weeks of frigid weather Cherry Kay, I'm so glad you made it through that safely! Your table setting of blue and white is gorgeous, I'm sure the ladies were wowed! How nice to be able to entertain again, I am looking forward to having friends over on the patio as the temps warm and Spring arrives.

  2. Yikes, a blizzard on the prairie sounds romantic but real life knows it can be scary and dangerous. So happy to hear you have been able to enjoy your porch now and the lovely table setting with your Mottahedeh Blue Canton on the Mottahedeh Blue Lace charger. Stunning on the wood table. We haven't gone as far as entertaining again but looking forward to doing more in a safe way. Happy March.......

  3. Wow two weeks of icy cold temps. So scary and unpredictable. I am so enjoying your lovely table of the Mottahedeh Blue Canton dishware. Your collections amaze me. It must be a joy to sit there and take in the beauty. Happy for you that you both received the vaccine. I am looking forward to meeting with family and friends in the near future. Happy March.

  4. Cherry Kay, your cozy fireplace setting looks inviting. We've been spending most of our time sitting by our fireplace. Even today, it is very cold again! Winter is back!
    Love the Mottahedehh Blue Canton! Your table is gorgeous as always. Lucky friends who dine with you! Your new outdoor space is fabulous!
    Glad you two are fully vaccinated. I am too, as of last Thursday!

    1. Sarah, this week was lovely, but they are telling us that we are going to dive back into the 20's and 30's this week. Time to pull out the heavy coats again. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit. CherryKay

  5. I love your Valentine celebration and the cheese course is one of my favorite pieces! Your weather has been CRAZY! - Actually its been crazy all over! Your luncheon table is lovely and i especially love your unique candlesticks! I am now collecting blue and white and will keep my eye out for one of those! Your friends must enjoy visiting and sitting at your table!

    1. Patti, the Blue Canton candlesticks were mostly acquired via eBay. Those puppies retail for between $350.00 to $450,00 each. I would obviously never pay that much for one, so I was thrilled to pick up each one for about 25% of the retail value. Be patient. They do show up periodically, and just won't have to be bidding against me. I'm all done! I originally bought them to use on multiple large rounds, but I must admit that I'm really loving them as they parade down the harvest table. I've torn down the tablescape, but the candlesticks may remain for quite a least until I prepare another table for friends. Thanks for stopping by. CherryKay

  6. I adore blue and white and your table is beautiful. I recently purchased a set of 6 Mottahedeh Canton breakfast cups [without the saucers, though :( ]. It is hard to find the matching saucers...

  7. So pleased to see your post and especially the lovely blue and white table in your outdoor-view space! Welcome, Spring.

  8. Oh your blue and white tablescape is gorgeous! Love all the pieces you have put together! Yes our winter storm was awful...we had lot of tree damage in the fall and then the arctic blast. Your screened in porch is so inviting.

  9. Cherry Kay, your table is beautiful. I love your china.Blue and white is my favorite and you such have lovely pieces. Your porch is a great place to entertain and even though your
    your weather was crazy your tablescape looked stunning. I hope the weather settles down soon.


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