Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Sneak Peak at Fall, 2016

I adore Fall.  It's my favorite season of the year, and in our neck of the woods, Autumn always presents us with the most beautiful, good for the soul weather of our entire year.  Did I say that I love Fall?  I also love to decorate for and entertain in Autumn; but I must concede that if I start in September, by the end of November, I am completely over the color orange and all things pumpkin!  As a result, I usually prefer to introduce Fall into my tablescape designs a little bit at a time.

 Today the Garden Friends Bible study reconvened for another year of fellowship and sharing the Word.  I invited them for lunch and a time to catch up with each other.  Some of us are still out of town, so I set a table for 6 at the games table in the living room.  I considered this wonderful Pier One copper charger (probably still available at a Pier One near you), but I decided to wait to use it later in the season.  Today I wanted to design an Autumn tablescape with a lighter touch.
Cone on in ...

My always favorite blue and white cozied up nicely to the lightest touches of coral and orange.  Four small pumpkins made the show at the last moment.  They were really just an after thought.

 Keeping it soft, I chose an ecru matelasse tablecloth as the underpinning for my design.

 Here's the shot for Marlis @ Creative Journeys.  Marlis likes to see the Fortuny silk screen tucked behind my piano. I've had the cotton lace trimmed napkins for eons.  They seemed to be the perfect choice to go with the reticulated dinner plates.

There are some new additions to my collections that I want to share with you today.  Making its premier appearance, the Mottahedeh Cornflower Blue Lace Charger makes me smile a great big goofy smile each time that I use it.

Ditto, the Hartley Greens Leeds large pierced plate.  Word to the Wise:  This pattern has been on my "list" for years.  I never got around to buying it because quite frankly, it was pretty high priced for my wallet.  When I finally reached the point that I felt I could begin to collect it, I ordered 4 from Williamsburg Market  After placing my order, I told the operator that I was excited to call again the next month and order a few more.  The operator then informed me that I had just bought the last four plates that they would ever have in stock because the Hartley Greens of Leeds Pottery had gone out of business.  I was sick to my stomach!  The lesson...if you see something that you really want, don't wait too long to make the purchase.  You may never get to have it.  Luckily, I recently found a company in Great Britain ( ka ching, ka ching) that has some, and I am now collecting more as quickly as possible.   Sometimes silly dreams really do come true.

Topping the stack, another new baby...the Wedgwood feather edge Queensware luncheon plate in that peculiar Wedgwood lavender blue. I bought 12 for a steal on eBay.  Accompanying the place setting is my wedding sterling flatware, Reed & Barton Grande Renaissance.   

La stack for you detail lovers!

The Waterford Simply Blue goblet and the Tiffin Elyse wine paired nicely for our luncheon.

 If you're just down the street, I still have time to add another place setting for you!

The Hartley Greens Leeds Chestnut Bowl was an obvious choice for the centerpiece.

I surrounded it with a quartet of coral colored bouquets...

...set in the Lenox Classic Urns.  I use these urns in so many situations.  They are some of my favorite appointments.  Look for them when you go to estate sales.  I usually find them for around $25.00.

 The menu for today consisted of Chicken Tetrazzini, green salad, hot rolls, and a chocolate mousse cake.  Which reminds me...we have a brand new Trader Joe's opening this week.  I may never cook again!  Well...unless Cuisine Kathleen is coming for a visit at my house!

 It's so good to be together again with my Garden Friends.  We dined and laughed and shared stories well into the favorite kind of day.

 I really would love for you to come join me for lunch!  Let me know if you are coming my way, and I'll have the  table set by the time you ring the door bell.

This week I'm joining:

Tablescape Thursday with Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch


Martha said...

Nice to see you posting again. Very pretty table. I love blue and white.

Suzanne Scarborough Melson said...

I was afraid you were serving King Ranch Chicken again and not including the recipe! haha So glad you are back with us!


Oh dear friend, I'm sorry I'm a bit late coming by to visit your gorgeous home and stunning tablescape for Fall. I know what you mean when you get sick just finding out a company of something you loved when out of business; it's happened to me with an Italian Co. with gorgeous china called TOGNANA.
The blue plates and chargers are simply to die for!
I'm drooling right here !
Your friend from great blog Pandora's Box, (I knew from blogging too...) she came by and visited me too. I also was inspired in her silver, painted pitcher, I PINNED it. She does amazing MK.CH's job and has gorgeous things by her.
Our friend is just so talented that's all and a 'real great friend' too.
Have a terrific weekend and enjoy Fall.

Christine said...

As usual, your table did not disappoint, Cherry Kay. I love those Wedgwood plates, always admired them but I have never seen those plate chargers and they are gorgeous!...Christine

Francie Newcomb said...

It is so nice to see your post! I have missed your posts so much. I loved seeing the Tiffin "Elyse" wineglasses, the Mottahedah, and the beautiful Wedgwood-- and especially the way you put everything together. Your friends must have cherished the lovely afternoon. Thank you.

Marlis said...

Hold that thought.. I'll be there in 8 hours!! I do so love that screen. I thought I saw those new chargers peeking out on FB this past week. I've decided I must have them too to go with my Booth's blue willow. What a lucky break to find some more of those white reticulated plates. It might be going ka-ching ka-ching now, but they are so lovely and worth the investment. Love the new Wedgwood pieces too. Cherry Kay, you are the hostess with the mostest! Your style and grace inspire me to be better and do better. I know the ladies love coming to your home because of the extra effort from you to make them feel welcome. Hugs and miss seeing your posts..
xo marlis

northsouthbirdy said...

Hello CK,
Love the texture of the rims of the stack. The Queensware is lovely. Regards, Robin