Thursday, May 17, 2018

Antique Glass Club Spring Luncheon, 2018, Part I

Every year in early May, the Antique Glass Club holds their annual Spring Luncheons. Members collaborate or set a table of their own. I always look forward to the kind invitation from my sweet friend Linda. For your pleasure, I try to arrive a bit early to capture as many tables as possible to share with you, my blog world friends. I don't have a guide book to give me the names of the players on each table, but I hope that you will be pleased with pictures. I'll fill in details as I am able. I'll also share just a few tables each week, and I'll spread my journey out over the next number of weeks. 

This striking table featured MacKenzie Childs Courtly Check appointments, and...

...lovely English transferware china.

A circus theme was cleverly played out with Victorian cut-outs and an animal train caravan created with Cracker Jack boxes. The amazing centerpiece speaks for itself.

Depression glass in a kelly green shone brightly against the yellow linen cloth. The floral centerpiece perfectly picked up the colors... the hand painted stoneware dinner plates. I should know the name of the dinner plates, but their name eludes me. Anyone able to share?

Very elegant.

Classic white china with gold rim.

And a gorgeous silver tea pot set amidst Magnolia leaves and white roses.  This table reminded me that I need to pull out my Waterford Posey vases. They were certainly put to good use here. I also like to place a few flowers in each one and set it at the top of each place setting.The result is a great impact from a small number of flowers.

 This yummy tablecloth had me charging across the room (in a lady-like fashion, of course).

A fan was caught in each napkin...a party favor, I'm guessing.

 A lovely transferware dinner plate in pink and red was again unknown to me. I love the scalloped edge.

Enough for this week. Remember that the Entertaining Women 8th Blogiversary Give Away is open until the week of July 7. Each comment on this post or on any post from my archives equals one entry in the drawing.

This week I'll be joining:

Tablescape Thursday with Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch

The Scoop with Suzy @ Worthing Court



How wonderful and fun at the same token this yearly "Antique Glass Club Luncheon" you belong to.
All the tablescapes are exquisite dear friend. So nice to visit you after such a long time.
Your header looks great !

Francie Newcomb said...

I liked the black transferware with the "Courtly Check" accents; the magnolias and white roses together with the silver; and the pretty-in-pink tablecloth. It was so exciting to glimpse the email from "Entertaining Women" in the midst of the grocery store parking lot! Thank you so much for your wonderful posts, and thank you for inspiring us to make things pretty. Because of your encouragement I have acquired the Wedgwood Countryware napkin rings and candlesticks from eBay. It's our wedding china pattern, which we use for everyday, and I just never thought of getting napkin rings and candlesticks-- love them, and thank you!


Thank you my friend. I had a great experience a while back with an Anonymous lady, who we made friends with. Now days, things are getting even dangerous.


Cheryl Weintraub said...

. . the diversity is amazing!!


Thank you so much dear friend. It might be true.


Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Using Courtly check is fabulous with the black transferware. I know I am partial. The centerpiece is absolutely stunning. So many lovely tables to admire. The depression glass is so beautiful. I have so enjoyed these lovely tables. Have a great weekend Cherry Kay.

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

Such pretty tables - of course I am partial to the first table! Black, white and red always catches my eye! And the red and white striped table cloth is so pretty - love the cute fans!

Virginia Lowry said...

Lik you, blue is my favorite color so I love the blue, escapes me, dinnerware. However, the red table is mesmerizing. I'm so fascinated with this gift of yours. I may need to bring my sisters over to see China Town.

Judy Biggerstaff said...

Thank you for sharing the tables from the luncheon. Each is special and different. Love the red roses centerpiece, gorgeous. I do love transferware so that plates are a delight to see. Would have loved these in person.

mona gabriel said...

Oh how lovely.
The red and pink is Spode Primrose. I have just started collecting it in the last few years. It is rare to see it. I love the pattern...

mona gabriel said...

Oh how lovely.
The red and pink is Spode Primrose. I have just started collecting it in the last few years. It is rare to see it. I love the pattern...

Alycia Nichols said...

I started reading Part II first, and then quickly realized I needed to hop down here to Part I to get a better grasp of things. Man, am I glad I did!!! I would have been so sorry to miss out on these tables!!! There are a lot of talented people out there with a lot of fabulous ideas!!! Cracker Jack boxes!!! CRACKER JACK BOXES!!!!! Who on earth thought of that??!?!?! SO COOL!!!!!! The floral centerpiece was fabulous, but it was that Cracker Jack box train that just blew my up! The 2nd table's centerpiece was exquisite with those intensely blue flowers! The elegance of the 3rd table was sublime!!! I own a silver gallery tray exactly like that one, and I love it! I've never used it as part of a centerpiece (it's in our library with crystal decanters and other barware on it), but now I have inspiration! I agree with you that the impact of just those few blooms in multiple vases was huge! I use that trick a LOT with my teeny tiny budgets! The transferware on that 4th table would have been walking right out the door tucked in my a ladylike fashion, of course!!!!!! Man, that's pretty!!! I totally agree with your sprint to capture that table with its beautiful and unique tablecloth! much talent spread throughout the room. OK...on to Part II! Thanks for getting there early so you could share!

Jaybird said...

The red and white pattern is Spode "Primrose"........
Nancy's Daily Dish has a few pieces of it if you are interested...and no I am in NO way related....I just like Nancy and keep close watch on what she has for sale!!
Thank you for sharing all of these beautiful tables!