Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hot Chocolate & the Blues

More than fifteen years ago, my friend, Barb, asked me if I would like to partner with her to create a display tablescape for her sorority's philanthropic fundraiser, The Theta Flaming Festival.  Although I am not a Theta,  I accepted with glee, and to this day, we still design a table each year in this charming event which takes place during the first week of November.  It is a lovely successful event, and if you ever have the opportunity to attend, I think that you would thoroughly enjoy the day.  One year, we named our table "Hot Chocolate & the Blues."

The chocolate and blue furled fabric was the inspiration for our table.  I made the topper and the undercloth.  To make a cloth fall 'just right,' I have discovered a useful tip:  I like to apply a fabric covered cording in lieu of a regular hem.  I think that cording is easier and faster than hemming a round tablecloth.  When I make the cording, I choose to cut my fabric on 'the grain' instead of on the 'bias.'   When stitched into the cording, the fabric cut on the grain becomes stiffer and automatically causes the tablecloth to flare/bend and hold the lovely curves.  I know the rule of cutting on the this case, I just choose to ignore it. 

The title of our table, "Hot Chocolate & the Blues," was chosen when we decided to use a vintage Haviland "Ranson" hot chocolate pot set beautifully painted with a floral design in white and blue.  The set belonged to Barb's mom, and it is a cherished family treasure.  Also adding to our theme, the blue hydrangeas were magnificent in Barb's Waterford presentation bowl.

We continued the chocolate and blue color theme with party favor boxes wrapped in assorted chocolate papers and a variety of blue ribbons.  They were presented in Nana's antique French crystal chillers.  Barb's Baccarat Crystal goblets and my Val St. Lambert candlesticks added just the right sparkle to our table as they reflected the always important candlelight.

Barb contributed her mom's lovely silver flatware and the pearl handled knives.  Did you noticed her precious angelic place card?  Names were written directly on the porcelain 'card' held by the tiny cherub. 

       My Stouffer blue service plates were an eBay find, and we chose to layer with my Haviland, "Ranson"  luncheon plates.  My vintage linen napkins with a lovely blue embroidery added a soft textural touch that complimented the swirls in the tablecloth.

We had a delightful time creating our tablescape for The Theta Flaming Festival.  We'll be there again in November with a new design.  If you're in our area, I hope that you'll join us and enjoy exploring a plethora of beautiful tables.  It's a wonderful day for fellowship, fun, and contributing to a worthy cause.  Please, y'all come!

Thanks to Jamiann at The Blackberry Vine for hosting the "Pretty Packages Party."  I am linking to her party, and I'm excited to check out the other contributors to learn new ideas for pretty packages.  I'm sure that you'll want to visit them, too.  Just click on the button below.


Entertaining Women
Entertaining Women

Hello, I'm Cherry Kay I was 40 before I realized that I am an artist. I love to paint, work in clay, rubber stamping, design tablescapes, entertain, and share ideas. I'm an interior designer credentials, but lots of experience.


  1. hi -
    I found you through The Blackberry Vine. Your tablesetting is gorgeous!! My daughter is a Theta and I don't think she ever went to an event with such a pretty tablesetting. the brown and blue theme, plus all the accents is so divine. I wish I could have been there.
    MY best- Diane

  2. Oh this is absolutely stunning! Thank you for explaining about making the round tablecloths (although I can't sew a stitch - maybe I can tell someone else how to do it for me!). I had just been thinking how beautifully your cloths hung on the table. And what gorgeous fabric it is! Love the blues and browns, and I love that blue bordered china. OMGosh! That Waterford vase is knockout gorgeous! The pretty packages are the perfect accent for the table. If I had to do a table for a party, I'd be calling you too. laurie

  3. Such a pretty table with beautifully wrapped gifts! Thanks for coming to my party!

  4. I am so lucky that you are adventurous enough to make such beautiful table cloths! This is another one of my favorite tablescapes. You and Barb come up with such beautiful tables every fall for this event - you definitely raise the bar. Gorgeous - as always, my dear friend!! Cindy

  5. This is very quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs. I love your style! I would love to have that type of fundraiser around here where people did tables. How fun!!

    Love the table. My sister would adore it. I'm directing her to this link!

  6. Just saw your photo as a follower on another blog I decided to follow (great minds think alike...mrs. hazelwood was there,too!) Anyway, it reminded me of something Jack said a night or two ago. I was flipping thru an old Martha stewart book...maybe 1990 edition...Jack said, "hey, that's Mo!" I'd take that as a compliment! Martha in her late 40's looks like Mo today. love you!

  7. Very cute boxes! I love them inside the glasses!

  8. Wow! Simply gorgeous! Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog! Have a wonderful day!

  9. Hi, Your table design is stunning! I love the color combination. So elegant.


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