Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Quail Christmas, 2012

First things first...We are truly blessed to have the means to set a pretty table and invite our friends to join us for good food and fellowship. I am mindful that many are not so fortunate. My daughter has a passion for the work of the Food Bank. As a singer-songwriter, she has written and recorded a song that is the anthem for the world wide Crop Hunger Walk project. Her song, "Raise Your Voice" is featured in their video. I've included a link in the side margin of my blog. I hope that it will encourage you to support projects in your community that contribute to the effort to overcome hunger.

It's the day after Christmas, and I'm happy and worn slick.  Christmas Eve morning, we drove 3 1/2 hours to spend Christmas Eve ( dinner and church service) and early Christmas morning with our son, daughter-in-love, and two precious grandsons.

  Six a.m. found us opening presents with the boys and enjoying a delicious Christmas breakfast prepared by Jami.  Ten a.m. and an approaching snow and ice storm placed us back in the car for a now 4 1/2 hour drive home to share a Christmas evening tree and dinner with our daughter, son-in-love, and the newest blessing in our family, Beatrice Emaline, 3 months four friends who were without family for this Christmas.

Part of Sweet Mister's Christmas tradition always included a Quail Breakfast.  This year, he requested that we prepare Quail Breakfast for our Christmas dinner.  I designed my Christmas table with this in mind...

Come on in...You'll notice some familiar elements from the last few weeks...with a tweak here and there.

Red, white, and blue for Christmas?  Why not?  I decided to go for it.  

I've had the Haviland "Twelve Days of Christmas" collection of plates waiting in the wings for some time.  I was excited to have an opportunity to feature them in one of my tabletop productions.  They were the crowning touch for my design.  They were removed for our dinner/breakfast and returned for an encore as our dessert plates.

The red glass charger plate turned out to be an important design element.  I wanted to keep the shimmering green accents, and I wanted to add blue.  Increasing the touches of red allowed the design to achieve an effective balance of color and still remain that a real word?  Once again, I've used the Reed & Barton Francis I silver flatware.
For our Quail Breakfast, I knew that I wanted to use the Furnivals Blue Quail dinner plates.  We've had a large service of this pattern for more than twenty-seven years.  They were originally our dinnerware at our lake house...the house was sold many years ago, but I couldn't part with the dishes.  The rim of this plate was the perfect amendment for the Haviland plates.

Continuing the red, white, and blue theme, I chose the red Fenton Empress goblet and the French Blue Whitehall Quilted Footed Tumbler.  The light blue damask napkins belonged to our dear Nana.  This evening I caught them in the red and green beaded candle ring that I chose to employ as a napkin ring.  Are you beginning to see how my mind is working here?

For the centerpiece, I replaced the green shimmering ribbon, that you've seen the past few weeks, with a wired red and white checked burlap ribbon.  I recreated the same looping design that I used with the other ribbon.  Gone are the red quilted cachepots.  Now the white poinsettias are ensconced in a pair of light blue stoneware jardinieres from Hobby Lobby.  The hurricanes remain the same, minus the candy striped ribbon surrounding each pillar candle.  

The buffet has also received minor adjustments.  A touch of the red checked ribbon and the addition of another pair of the blue jardinieres completed my design.

 Because the menu features a number of items that must be prepared last minute, our guests will take their plates and fill them in the kitchen...very laid back and relaxed from start to finish.  Dinner will feature Fried Quail on toast with Cream Gravy, Scrambled Eggs, Crisp Bacon, Sour Cream Waffles with a choice of Warmed Syrup and Melted Butter or Fresh Peaches topped with Whipping Cream.  Dessert offerings will be Homemade Cheese Cake and/or Mama's Brandy Ice.  I had both...Diet to begin on the 26th.

 This has been a fun, change of pace tablescape design for me.  As exhausting as the Christmas holiday always seems to be, I am eagerly anticipating another round of Christmas designs for next year.  After all, it's always special to be able to celebrate the most important birthday of each and every year.  Happy Birthday, Sweet Jesus!

Wednesday is the 41st edition of Cuisine Kathleen's meme, "LET'S DISH".  I'm excited to be a charter member.  Pop over (pun intended for the Chef Supreme Kathleen) and join the fun!

Lots of great ideas to be gathered when you visit Yvonne at Stone Gable for TUTORIALS, TIPS, & TIDBITS.  Don't waste another moment...hurry on over!  
Thank you, yet again, to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting her magical meme, Tablescape Thursday.  I'll be linking my post to "BETWEEN NAPS ON THE PORCH."   Hop on over and check out the myriad of marvelous tablescape designs, after 10:00 AM on Thursdays.  You'll be glad that you made the's a wonderful adventure.

When I think of December, I think about precious family traditions built through many years...this week, we relished celebrating Christmas with our family.  How about you?  With thankfulness for her dedication and efforts, I'm joining the multi-talented Tablescaper for her fabulous meme SEASONAL SUNDAYS.  Hope to see you there!  

You can check out KC's music at, on iTunes, and on YouTube.  I hope that you'll take a few minutes and give her a listen.  You'll also enjoy reading back through her blog on this site.  The girl can really write!  Her latest CD is called "The Tag Hollow Sessions""  It is available on iTunes or through her website.  I hope that you'll give her music a chance.  I know that I have zero objectivity where she is concerned, but I think that you'll fall in love with her music and her!            

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Entertaining Women

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  1. I love the idea of breakfast for dinner, and when it's in such an elegant setting, it's extra special! Your Christmas routine sounds exhausting, but rewarding. There darling grandchildren! I couldn't have stayed away either.
    As always, your table is beautiful and inspirational.

  2. Another beautiful table, and I'll bet that Quail Breakfast was spectacular! I am in love with your red goblets.

    Happy New Year!

  3. What a gorgeous table and fabulous menu! I'm loving the red, white and blue as its fun and unexpected. Those red goblets with the blue cut glass are so pretty. Happy 2013!

  4. Gorgeous table...I have those same blue glasses...they are such a beautiful shade of blue and such a great match with the plates you have used.
    Quail for breakfast or dinner sounds yummy.
    Happy New Year, Cherry Kay!

  5. Breakfast for dinner is one of my favorite meals. I'll have to share this idea with my "chef".
    Your table is gorgeous. I like the red, white, and blue theme for Christmas. I've wanted to do a Christmas table with my Spode Blue Room for some time. Need to do that!
    Glad you made the trip safely. That is a lot of driving in a short amount of time! Cold here, but no ice or snow.
    Get some rest now, dear friend........Sarah
    Cute grands!

  6. guys did a LOT of driving! Man, oh, man...I would have been too car-lagged to enjoy myself! I guess I'm not much of a traveler. Just going to the grocery store makes me tired! :-) It's great, though, that you got to spend time with both kids and their families!!! That's the way to go! I applaud you for your tenacity and your bravery. Driving through that snow storm could NOT have been fun! Your table...gorgeous!!! I love the innovative color scheme! It totally works! I have never eaten quail. I will have to put that on ye olde bucket list. At any rate, your menu sounds heavenly, and I'm sure everyone enjoyed it all very much. Glad you're home safe and that you enjoyed your Christmas celebrations. Have a happy and safe New Year!!!

  7. All that driving was worth it, I know, to be with family and especially your darling grandchildren! Your table was gorgeous, and I always love reading the story of how you chose each item. Love your Blue Quail dishes and wish I had more of that pattern! That checked ribbon is stunning!

  8. Beautiful post. Gorgeous tablescape!
    Adorable kids.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you had a dazzling Christmas.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

    A Very Happy New Year to you and yours!

    Greetings from Singapore~ Sanghamitra

  9. I'm in love with your 12 Days of Christmas dishes! Blue doesn't seem to be a prevalent color at Christmas so this is such a treat! Love the table. Everything works beautifully! I'm sure all that traveling was exhausting, but there's nothing we won't do for our kids, is there? Christmas has just begun, so I hope you get to enjoy a few quiet, non-traveling days in your lovely home!

  10. Those 12 Days of Christmas plates are amazing! Haven't seen anything like them. Love the blue with the red. Just gorgeous.

    Lucky you to have had all of your family with you, despite all of the travelling that required!

    Merry Christmas!

    - The Tablescaper

  11. A quail dinner sounds wonderful to me, but no matter what you serve it will be even better on your always lovely table.

  12. What a beautiful table! You have created a magical Christmas table with red, white and blue. I love the red checked burlap ribbon weaving down the table.

    Hoping 2013 is a year filled with joy and happiness for you and your family,

  13. Just beautiful. How nice to be able to spend Christmas with all your family! Your grandsons look like my future Christmas mornings! Your menu sounds delicious. I grew up eating quail, fresh from our hunting ranch.

  14. Just beautiful! Red, white and blue... and quail are perfect for Christmas. When I was little, my Daddy was an avid bird hunter. Many Christmas dinners featured quail... smothered... with grits, (of course!)biscuits and fruit. Thanks for taking me back!

  15. I'd be a couch potato for days if I did all that driving, in snow no less!
    We stayed over and left for home before noon as son and his family were leaving for VT to ski.
    I never sleep well there, so I bypassed all the wonderful shopping on the way home, just too tired! I was cooking for 3 days, so I was wiped out!
    Your table is gorgeous, love the whimsy of the checked ribbon amongst the finery!
    Thanks for your support of Let's Dish with your wonderful tablescapes!

  16. Everything is just gorgeous. Love the menu too!

  17. Stunning! I always love blue at Christmas, but have not discovered how to work it with green and red, which I always want. You have really pulled it off! My favorite tablescape of the season.

    Thanks and Happy New Year.
    P.S. "Christmasy" is the best word of all.

  18. Gorgeous family and table! What a great breakfast and setting! I know you so enjoyed being with your family! Happy New Year!
    Miss Bloomers


  19. Such a beautiful decor and a grand table setting.very inspiring.i kept on looking at the glass cupboard where you have stored all your stem wears.lovely.your grandsons are just adorable.thank you for this share and to drop your comment for me.Happy new year to you and to your family...:):)sujatha.

  20. Cherry Kay, this is a most wonderful table. I love the idea of quail for breakfast/dinner. What a breakneck speed you two put in to see both families for Christmas. Wow. The sweet grands are just precious. Your table is gorgeous with the red white and blue. I am so glad you had it in your heart to keep those dishes from the lake house. The combine so well with your other pieces. Didn't know the whitehall glasses were called "quilted"... must remember that, as I have them in the amber colorway. Happy New Year to you and yours, may the blessings be many and the joys even more! xo marlis

  21. What a gorgeous and elegant sdetting, with those lovely dishes! Why not, breakfast for dinner, it could work perfectly, and actually I'll eat a hot dog, or whatever, as longa as your stunning tables. I wanted to come by to wish you and yours a wonderful and blessed 2013. Thank you for been a great follower and hope to see you around next year too, lovely lady.

  22. What a feast and elegant table. What special plates.

    Have a wonderful New Year's Eve. Ours is VERY low key!

  23. Dear Cherry Kay, I would like to be one of your Garden Friends. What a sweet sweet spirit you have and it shines and shines. Knowing it's source it is no wonder! I want to write a book to you because you touched my heart with your sweet comment last night.

    I left you a very brief comment because I was not feeling well. We are getting over the stomach virus and have been gone for over a week. Needless to say I am slightly behind and if I let myself could feel very overwhelmed but I am so blessed so I will not let those feelings start creeping in. Anyway, you deserve an elaborate comment on both your Christmas tables. Your sideboard alone deserves a whole paragraph. I would like to sit at your feet and learn all about decorating from you. I can tell we have much in common. I will be back when I have more energy and time. I appreciate you. Happy New Year.

  24. If anyone can pull off a red, white, and blue Christmas table, you certainly can -- and you did! Happy New Year to you and yours, Cherry Kay.

  25. I think using blue on your Christmas table was a brilliant idea and unexpected which I favor. I had seen the Furnivals Quail plates in brown but not blue. Crisp blue and red look smashing together. I have the Whitehall tumblers in peach. They also made them in a limited quanity in teal which are hard to find. I like them because they are so sturdy. I've always admired your black dining chairs. Lovely tablescape as always. Have an awesome 2013!

  26. My or my, another gorgeous table. The mix of blue with red and white is outstanding. I do believe in changing up colors for Christmas. Breakfast anytime works for me. I love how you dressed the chandelier. I always try to do that....more details to make everything pop.

  27. Just took a few minutes to listen to KC's music. I am hoping she will visit Roanoke, VA again and I will be able to meet her. So many great ideas in this post. Thank you!


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