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Birthday Loveliness, 9.20.13

"First things first...We are truly blessed to have the means to set a pretty table and invite our friends to join us for good food and fellowship. I am mindful that many are not so fortunate. My daughter has a passion for the work of the Food Bank. As a singer-songwriter, she has written and recorded a song that is the anthem for the world wide Crop Hunger Walk project. Her song, "Raise Your Voice" is featured in their video. I've included a link in the side margin of my blog. I hope that it will encourage you to support projects in your community that contribute to the effort to overcome hunger.  

Just over a week ago, a group of us met at my dear friend Cindy's house to celebrate three birthday girls.  One of the honorees has a September birthday.  The other two have summer birthdays, but they are both away a good deal of each summer...one in Colorado and one in Maine.  Now that everyone is home for our beautiful Fall season, we had the opportunity to gather for a triple birthday celebration.  Cindy outdid herself creating the table and the menu.  I wanted to share some photos of the luncheon; it was a magnificent day...

Do you have certain friends who are "back door friends"...so close that you tend to come in through the back door instead of the front door?  Cindy and I are "back door friends".  Sooooo...when I came through the back door this day, I was greeted by this absolutely stunning tablescape.  You can imagine...I immediately grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures.  I thought that I'd just allow you to soak in the wonderfulness...

 A Royal Albert Tea pot was found at each place setting.  Tip:  Cindy often ties her gifts with ribbon that she has had printed with her initial....neat idea for a 'gift card'.

 One of the birthday girls gave Cindy the frosted floral tumblers last year as a birthday gift.  Love that.

 A trio of square glass containers held bouquets in brilliant colors, accented by wonderful apple green footed candles.  I may need to find those candles...they were phenomenal!

 The stack was well supported by the Caspari woven rattan charger.

 An antique embossed Colcough dinner plate added a beautiful layer of texture.

 Copeland Spode manufactured several varieties of their beautiful Bermuda Flowers Series luncheon plates.  The original offering was presented on this magnificent Embossed Daisy blank...another touch of wonderful texture.  I love the green stripe on the rim.

 In a point/counter-point move, Cindy added the MacKenzie-Childs Flower Market enamelware plate.  This design is available in an assortment of colors....so wonderful.  I love the addition of this sophisticated whimsy.

 Crowning the stack was the Royal Albert teapot.   Cindy gave each of us our own tea set as a party favor.  We were all thrilled..

As if the dynamic tablescape weren't enough, Cindy had prepared an incredible home cooked meal for  our pleasure...
 Baked apples filled with cinnamon, raisins, and pecans...

 ...Homemade rolls...oh my!...

 ...Individual homemade chicken pot pies...We all took home our leftovers and devoured the remainder...
 ...and a delicious Caprese Salad.

We were one bunch of happy hens!

Presents were opened over an amazing dessert of Chantilly Berry Cake and vanilla bean ice cream.

 Cindy never fails...

 ...to make each and every person at the table...

...feel like the guest of honor!  So much inspiration amidst a blessed day of amazing food, "laugh 'til your sides hurt' fun, and blessed fellowship with beloved friends.  Just another day at Cindy's kitchen table...I can't imagine a better place to spend an afternoon!

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Entertaining Women

Hello, I'm Cherry Kay I was 40 before I realized that I am an artist. I love to paint, work in clay, rubber stamping, design tablescapes, entertain, and share ideas. I'm an interior designer wanna-be...no credentials, but lots of experience.


  1. I love everything about your wonderful table, love those tea pots and all the colors mixed together and that is not even mentioning the incredible food, everything looks so pretty and of course I love the fresh flowers that go with everything...Phyllis

  2. What fun to be a back-door friend to Cindy! Her table is beautiful and so is the kitchen setting. What fun!

  3. What a lovely table and what a terrific party favor!

  4. How much fun! The teapots look so cute perched on the plate stacks! What a wonderful gift, and I do love her signature ribbon! Her kitchen is so bright and comfortable, I can imagine lingering and laughing there~the flowers are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your day!

  5. What an inviting table! I just love all of the colors in her room, especially the rug and bench cushion! And the teapots are just adorable! I would love to be "back door friends" with all of you!! And I have to admit, I smiled when I saw familiar checked teapot in the background!!!

  6. What a beautiful tablescape! And a thoughtful one too! We both posted a triple birthday celebration. Thank you for sharing this beauty with us, Cherry Kay....Christine

  7. Beautiful! I LOVE the color combination and a tea set for each guest!!! WOW!

  8. Cherry Kay..Thank you for sharing this gorgeous table.
    Love, Mona

  9. I could not leave a comment this morning from the bloglovin email. I bet the glitch has affected others too. Tonight I opened your post from my blog thumbnails on my blog page.

    Anyway, what a lovely birthday luncheon your friend hosted. Her table was so lively and fun and pretty. The teapots are so lovely. I know those receiving them were thrilled. I can hear the laughter and smell the wonderful food from your post. The flowers are gorgeous. Thank your friend for sharing her wonderful luncheon with us.

  10. Beautiful, beautiful...I can't say enough. Love the idea of a teapot at every place setting!

  11. Cherry Kay, I can certainly see why you and Cindy are such good friends. You both have such an incredible "eye" for setting a table. Old friends are just the best, aren't they? Cindy's idea, about the ribbon is brilliant. I have ordered ribbon with my daughter's name on it to cut apart and sew into clothes, when she went to camp. However, I have never thought of using it like Cindy - so creative. Thanks for sharing your fun day!

  12. What a fun happy table, Cherry Kay!
    Have a wonderful week...

  13. You are fortunate to have wonderful friends " back door" ones. The layering of the plates is a beautiful combination. I love the crowning teapot of old country roses chintz. The Copeland Spode luncheon plates are exactly like the ones I almost bought at the Elegance Antique show! I chose a set of Copeland Spode Valencia orange and set my table with this week! Glad you had a grand time at the birthday party and I know you will enjoy tea in your new teapot!


  14. Cherry Kaye:

    This sounds like the most wonderful celebration of friendship and fellowship. To be able to sit and chat and laugh with good friends amid such a glorious table, with gracious gifts, in immeasurable.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  15. Can't say enough about this gorgeous tablescape. Everything about it is lovely and I especially adore the tea pot at each place setting. Wish I could have been there.

  16. Maam C-K...

    Long time no see... How I love the idea you have with the teapots. I will surely do one like this in the future.

    Happy w/end.

    /CC girl

  17. Wow. I want to be her friend too. What a stunning table. SO much eye candy and attention to detail. I particularly love her color selection. And how thoughtful of her to give each one of you a tea set. I love that idea. I am so glad that you got to share such a wonderful day with your friends.



  18. How pretty! The colors are brilliant and perfect for a fall luncheon. You and your friends know how to entertain! Love the teapots at each placesetting.

  19. What a wonderful table, so colorful and summery! What a beautiful gift, and so nice she went to the effort of making all the food, shows attention to detail! A good friend indeed. It all looks delightful!

  20. What a lovely colorful table. How lucky you are to have such great friends. Everything ismsombright. You can tell she went to a lot of effort to make the day special.

  21. It appears that Cindi is a wonderful thoughtful friend. I love the royal Albert teapots. The bows are a marvelous idea. The table is beautiful and those little chicken pot pies look so appetizing. I miss my backdoor friends. We have all grown away and moved over the last forty or so years. I wish we could get together and share like we used to. I do really miss them all.

  22. What a lovely birthday luncheon that must have been! Setting a beautiful table is a gift to guests. Thank you for sharing!


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