Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Easter, April 1, 2018

Resurrection Sunday is my most important day of each year. And it is so appropriate that as Christ came back to life for you and for me, so each year our loving God gives us a world where the bareness of winter surrenders to spring and its own annual renewal of life. Trees unfurl their tender new leaves, and buds bless our world with hope for another year filled with the fragrances and the beauty of bountiful blooms in our gardens.  
Easter is a time for grateful hearts in celebration, so on Sunday evening, I was blessed to gather family and friends around our table for dinner.  Tonight I set a table for ten in the dining room,  Come on in and join us, please.

Our guests were asked to arrive at four o'clock for a dinner to begin at five.  Remember, we still function on Toddler Standard Time.  The grandkids needed to be through with dinner in time to head home for their early bedtimes. 

A plethora of tulips and bunnies set the tone for our dinner this Easter.

When I opened the closet doors to the dining room tablecloths, this Williams Sonoma Spring Jacquard tablecloth immediately caught my eye.

I loved the way it paired with the Mottahedeh Cornflower Blue Lace charger.  The blue in this plate is capable of taking your breath away.  It is such a gorgeous color.

The Wedgwood/Coalport Countryware plate was used to serve dinner. The cabbage leaves just demanded a place on the table...

...After all, bunnies eat a whole bunch of cabbage!  Plus the Juliska Bunny Collection...

...came in an assortment of delightful Easter egg colors. The bunnies made a second appearance during dessert... pecan pie, pralines, and fresh peaches with vanilla ice cream.

The clear Tiffin Elyse wine goblet was quietly elegant next to the Waterford Simply Pink and Blue goblets.  I took advantage of the profusion of colors that make up the landscape of Easter to play with mix and match colors in the crystal.

With the addition of the Reed & Barton Grande Renaissance silver, the miniature salt and pepper, the Waterford Ballet Dot napkin, and the iced Easter cookie for a party favor, my place setting was complete.

Without a doubt, the star of the centerpiece design is the parade of tulips...

Arranging the tulips was a no brainer because of the quartet of Accent Decor's tulipiere.  This vase is named the Rose Bowl in the Accent Decor catalog.  I think the name comes from the look of the vase itself.

Bunnies here, bunnies there, bunnies bunnies everywhere...

Anyone want a carrot?  The "petal" carrots found a home on the Wedgwood Patrician tureen and underplate. 

Add a few Dollar Tree votives, and my centerpiece was complete.

Our family and friends would arrive soon.  It would be a cherished time of celebrating with hearts full of thanksgiving for the incredible gift that Christ gave us with His sacrifice on the cross.  He not only paid the price for my sins, He overcame death and in so doing, gave each and every one of us the opportunity to have access to almighty God.  Now there's a reason to celebrate not only this day, but every day of the year. Hallelujah!

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Entertaining Women
Entertaining Women

Hello, I'm Cherry Kay I was 40 before I realized that I am an artist. I love to paint, work in clay, rubber stamping, design tablescapes, entertain, and share ideas. I'm an interior designer credentials, but lots of experience.


  1. How delightful to find this post! I have missed your beautiful tables and this Easte table contains so many beautiful elements. It is difficult to single out elements but I particularly love the blue chargers, that color blue is one of my favorites. I also admire the pink and blue Waterford stemware. I hope we will be treated to more tables in the near future, you have been missed! Blessings to you, MM

  2. It's always a treat to see one of your exquisite tablescapes, Cherry Kay. I love all the tulips down the center, and the cornflower blue chargers are calling my name. I don't see how I can justify another set of chargers. We rarely entertain for dinner of late. But boy those sure are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing all these special details. Sending your hugs from Austin.

  3. Oh, How I always enjoy seeing how you set a beautiful table! Something in the background caught my eye - are those bunnies on the buffet made out of corks?

    1. They are made of rolled up pieces of brightly patterned papers applied with glue (a guess) to what appears to be a cardboard bunny form painted black. You know how the wallpaper store will give away old sample books of wallpaper? I think that you could probably use something like that for the paper...or buy it at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbook section. Each strip appears to be folded to achieve a smooth outer edge before it is rolled. A heavy layer of (guessing again) of varnish, mod podge , gesso, or something has been applied to all the pieces. They are finished on both sides, and I thought they were well priced at $30.00 each, and that was a Scottsdale price. I found them while we were on vacation in February. I could imagine them done in MacKenzie Childs fabrics with the Courtly Check used for the thin wide rolled pieces along the outer spine. I also wondered about doing them with the funny papers, although that might be a pain to work with. And corks could be fun, too. Rolled wine labels could make up the outside. And on and on spins my brain! So good to hear from you. It feels so good to be blogging again...enjoying traveling...just altogether enjoying life. Love, CherryKay


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