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Remember When, April 26, 2018

Susan at Between Naps has made a special request for her readers to help celebrate Tablescape Thursday #500 by creating a post that features some of our favorite tablescape designs from the past. Sounds like fun to me!  Here we go; come on in and join us...

I Have a Seat at My Table Reserved Just for You, July 7, 2010

This was my very first post for Entertaining Women. I chose to share this one because it represents my introduction to blog world.

Stop By For a Bowl of Home Made Chicken Noodle Soup 

I chose to share this post for three reasons. 1. It definitely set the scene for readers to know that I am a died in the wool 'blue and white girl'. 2. I really like the sepia tone picture that I used. 3. I so appreciated the comment from Bill @ Affordable Accoutrements.  Bill hasn't posted for quite a long time, but I've never forgotten his beautiful work and his kind comments. I really miss him in blog world. (Bill, I always wonder if you are quietly reading our posts. I hope that you are well and enjoying life.)

Red, White, and Blue Luncheon, July 18, 2010

I chose this post because this was the first of the luncheons that I hosted for my dear sorority sisters.  At this premier event, I hosted 16 guests.  In October of 2018, I'll host the fifth luncheon for my sisters.  The last two luncheons I set tables for 75-80 ladies. I wonder how many we'll have in attendance this year?  I'm so excited!

Snow Bird, December, 2010

I could have included a majority of the posts from 2010, but I have 7 more years to cover! I've never forgotten this one, though, so another peek at 2010.  My inspirations: 1. Christmas, oh how I love Christmas.  2. Cuisine Kathleen had given us a challenge to create a tablescape in all white.  I love a good challenge, and I adore Kathleen.  Kathleen is no longer posting, at least regularly, and I miss her so.  She's an amazing cook, and she's dedicated to her loved ones. She's quite a role model. I've never forgotten her. 3. My Garden Friends Bible study group. This  luncheon was for them. I love them so much. They are my dearest friends.

Amethyst and Toile

I love a good color story. I've never forgotten this one.  And I love the opportunity to pull out my wedding china.  We're finally into 2011. Whew!

Hen Party

My inspiration: 1. Lunch for my precious Garden Friends after we finished our Bible study for the day. 2. I love my individual chicken casseroles.  It was fun to create my Hen Party.

Al Fresco Blue

Out here on the prairie we never know when we'll have gorgeous weather for dining al fresco, and when it arrives, I can hardly wait to set a table on the back porch.  Also, I wanted to share the eggs that I painted with my friends.  I've always remembered this centerpiece and the tablecloth that I made.

Cream of the Crop

Inspiration: 1. Another opportunity to set tables for my precious sorority sisters.  This time we sat 56. 2. A beautiful day in the back yard.

Tables for Two

Inspiration: 1. Tables for Two is a fun two for one post.  A blog friend and I both publish a blog centered on some element that we each have in our tablescaping 'tools' closet.  2. Today we both created tablescapes using the same Ballet Dot tablecloth and napkins.  I'll always remember my blog friend Rett from The Gazebo House.

Best Laid Plans

My inspiration: 1. Sweet Mister was entertaining a group of hunting friends. I'll always remember it because "Man makes plans, and God laughs."

Family Style

The inspirations I'll always remember: 1. My family and the generous family treasures for me to steward until it's time for the next generation to enjoy and care for them. 2. My precious Garden Friends, my prayer warriors, my always friends.  I haven't traveled very far through the blogs that I've shared on Tablescape Thursday, but I fear I may overstay your generous welcome.  Perhaps you'll find time to travel further through my archives.  If you do, thank you!

Thanks to Susan @ Between Naps On the Porch for dedicating so much of her time to host us at Tablescape Thursday. I've met so many wonderful blog friends because of her generous efforts. Take a spot of time and pop over to Tablescape Thursday right now.  I think you'll find yourself in tablescape heaven!
Entertaining Women
Entertaining Women

Hello, I'm Cherry Kay I was 40 before I realized that I am an artist. I love to paint, work in clay, rubber stamping, design tablescapes, entertain, and share ideas. I'm an interior designer credentials, but lots of experience.


  1. How I loved this...I am putting together a garden party for my son’s wedding open house. (His reception was last weekend in Scottsdale) I so wish you were here to whisper in my ear as I put together a blue and white decor. I will have 6 tables to decorate with my blue and white vases, bowls and ginger jars...I am doing two in blue and white with yellow flowers, two with pink flowers, one with blue flowers and one with white....I am an even toying with the idea of one table with green (limes and artichokes maybe?) and then thefood table will be a combination of all the flowers.
    I miss your guidance and I have never forgotten the prayer you shared with me.
    Looking for the blessings that are always there.

  2. Thanks for sharing your tables and your memories. I was particularly drawn to Amethyst and Toile. I loved the colors. the use of toile, and the simple flower centerpieces.
    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight

  3. Oh, I remember most of these! The blue and whites are always favorites of mine, but the hunting party was a special one as well. Right up my Renaissance Man’s alley!

  4. How lovely it was to revisit some of your exquisite tables, Cherry Kay. I, like you, am a died-in-the-wool blue and white girl! I have always loved your posts, and have found them to be affirming. We have slightly different styles, and different lives, but we share basic principals and beliefs (I believe!) and when times have been difficult it has been good to dip in for a visit with someone who moves forward through her own challenges,beautifully. There are a few of you in Blogdom (Sarah is one!) and I treasure my visits. Thank you for keeping my son in prayer - remission is just that. We pray every day.

  5. It is always so interesting to me which are favorites in the minds of the creators. It's often difficult to pick just a few (as with your 2010 posts!), but to actually read the reason helps the reader gain additional insight. I wish I would have posted the "why" on mine. (Maybe because I was in a hurry trying to get it done the morning of Tablescape Thursday!!!) I struggled with posting my very first one, but, like first crushes/loves, there is a special place tucked deep away in your heart. It also shows the evolution of your creative style over the years. I miss Bill, too, and often wonder where he is and how he's doing. I admired his style so much that I once dedicated a post to him! He had a real eye for beautiful things, didn't he? There was another guy, too...can't think of his name. He was really good, too. All the guys have left us!!! :-(


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