Saturday, July 7, 2018

Dress Gordon and a Give Away Winner Announcement

We had a delightful 4th of July with friends. They own a home on a lovely private lake, and the residents put on a lovely fireworks show each Independence Day. We dined al fresco with a perfect view of the lake. We strolled down to water's edge where comfy chairs had been situated for our use during the fireworks. It was a beautiful evening.  I didn't have an occasion to design a 4th tablescape, so this week I am pleased to share a table set for family last weekend. Our son Haze called last minute to let us know that he was bringing our two precious boys on Friday, to spend the weekend with us. I set a table for the five of us in the breakfast room. The menu was takeout from kind of meal. Come on in and join us. There's an extra chair in the corner that I can pull up for you.

A no frills table was perfect for our family this evening. Two men and two teenage boys don't require all the details...just good steaks.

A great frame can make its subject matter come to life. Framing the place setting this evening was the Spode Vermicelli yellow charger plate. Our every day Wallace Antique Bead flatware was paired with the Williams Sonoma Laguiole by Jean Dubost stainless steel steak knife. 

 Making an encore performance from the dinner party we hosted in early June, the Coalport Athlone Cobalt dinner plate was an eBay find. I like that it can perform just as beautifully in casual as in  formal settings.

 There is a neat story that goes with the Ralph Lauren Dress Gordon luncheon plate. A blog friend, Jo Anne Buckner, contacted me to see if I might be interested in buying several of her patterns. They were downsizing, and the time had arrived for her to to downsize her china collections. She and I came to an agreed upon price, and I purchased her Dress Gordon luncheon plates. I told her that if her children changed their minds and wanted anything I acquired from her, I would sell them back for exactly the amount I paid her. I prefer to think of them as an opportunity for me to steward them until her children realize that they really want them. I have another set of plates that I shall share with you another time. They arrived the day that I set this table, and I thought that they would be perfect for a "guy's table".

A woven dark green napkin that I've had for many years served us well this evening. I cozied up quite nicely to the plaid Dress Gordon. The Mikasa French Countryside goblet is always perfect for men. It has such a nice balance to it. I believe it is still in production, and can probably be bought through Dillards and eBay.

The Dress Gordon stacks up quite nicely with the regal Athlone Blue and the Vermicelli Yellow.

The Spode Vermicelli Tureen in blue sufficed nicely for our centerpiece. The salt and pepper are Coalport Countryware. 

It was about now that I needed to put down my camera for a moment because Sweet Mister called to let me know that he was on his way home with our meal from Out Back. It was time to turn on the broiler in the oven. Here's a tip: We like our meat medium rare. We always order it rare, and then cook it the last few minutes in our oven to take it to our desired stage. Doing this means that I can always serve the meal piping hot.

As we prepared to take our seats, the last of the sun's rays kissed the table. I have no idea what  caused the green reflection under the mobile butcher block piece sitting in the corner. So strange. Chlorophyll gone mad? Maybe there is a little photosynthesis going on over there in the corner.

It was time to put down the camera. I caught one last angle to include the Welsh Dresser. It has served us well for decades. Right now the Furnival Blue Quail is sharing display space with a selection of Hartley Greens Leeds Creamware serving pieces. The cheeky blue hens are happily nesting on the upper shelves. Tuggles, tucked in the lower left corner was my childhood cookie jar. I keep cookies in him for the grandkids. He's a feisty little tugboat! Remember, you are always welcome at my table. Just give me that call when you're getting close to our little piece of the prairie. Come summer we usually keep it cool enough to hang meat, so come rest and get away from the heat for a while!

As of today, I've been blogging for 8 years. It doesn't seem that long. I've climbed some mountains in the last few years, and I'm thrilled to be up and posting again. I relish the long distance friendships that we've made, and I hope to get to know many more of you as we all move forward. I'm pleased to announce that the winner of the Entertaining Women 8th Blogiversary Give Away is .... trumpets, please!...ROBIN OF NORTH/SOUTH BIRDY! Congratulations, Robin. If you will please, email me your contact information, I'll be excited to get the sets of 12 Williams Sonoma Sophia dinner plates and luncheon/salad plates on their way to you! I hope that you will enjoy them for many years to come.

Tonight I'm joining:

Tablescape Thursday with Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch

Entertaining Women
Entertaining Women

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  1. What a fitting table for the guys. The Ralph Lauren Dress Gordon luncheon plates are lovely. How sweet your friend reached out to you. Maybe one day, the children will decide they love them. Congrats to Robin on winning your most generous giveaway. I know she will treasure them. Have a great weekend.

  2. Congratulations on eight glorious years of blogging, Cherry Kay! I love your blog.

    The Dress Stewart table is perfect and I love the plaid.

    Also congratulations to Robin and I hope she enjoys her prize.

    Now I am going to make your Poppy Seed Chicken for the freezer!

  3. Congrats to Robin,lucky gal! I adore the RL salad plates - they are quite eye catching!

  4. Congratulations, Robin! Although I feel like I'm also a winner -- I've had such fun going back through your posts! So many lovely tablescapes and creative color combinations!

  5. Congratulations on eight years of blogging! So glad I found your Blog. It always makes me smile.
    Take care

  6. Your blog is lovely to read. Thank you for your time spent on it. Congratulations.

  7. I still have the prayer you sent to me after my surgery, possibly one of the most touching things that has happened to me. I love your blog and I am so happy you are doing it again. I have French countryside plates so I am going to look for the goblets they seem perfect to me. Thank you again, looking forward to tons more favorite thing in the world!


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