Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012, A Retrospective

First things first...We are truly blessed to have the means to set a pretty table and invite our friends to join us for good food and fellowship. I am mindful that many are not so fortunate. My daughter has a passion for the work of the Food Bank. As a singer-songwriter, she has written and recorded a song that is the anthem for the world wide Crop Hunger Walk project. Her song, "Raise Your Voice" is featured in their video. I've included a link in the side margin of my blog. I hope that it will encourage you to support projects in your community that contribute to the effort to overcome hunger.
Can you believe that we've just finished another year in blog world?  I've had a marvelous time creating tablescapes for occasions both large and small.  Tonight I'll join many others and share some of my designs from 2012.  Click on the title under any of the photos if you wish to review the entire post.  





I am so grateful for each and every one of you who take the time to stop and read my blog each week.  Your comments are such an encouragement to me.  Thank you!  I look forward to 2013 and the inspiration that I shall find each time I visit your blogs, filled with such an abundance of talent and creativity.  Let the fun begin!

Wednesday is the 42nd edition of Cuisine Kathleen's meme, "LET'S DISH".  I'm excited to be a charter member.  Pop over (pun intended for the Chef Supreme Kathleen) and join the fun!

Lots of great ideas to be gathered when you visit Yvonne at Stone Gable for TUTORIALS, TIPS, & TIDBITS.  Don't waste another moment...hurry on over!  
Thank you, yet again, to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting her magical meme, Tablescape Thursday.  I'll be linking my post to "BETWEEN NAPS ON THE PORCH."   Hop on over and check out the myriad of marvelous tablescape designs, after 10:00 AM on Thursdays.  You'll be glad that you made the's a wonderful adventure.

When I think of December, I think about the day that I married Sweet Mister...this week, we celebrated our 44th anniversary.  How about you?  With thankfulness for her dedication and efforts (even in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy), I'm joining the multi-talented Tablescaper for her fabulous meme SEASONAL SUNDAYS.  Hope to see you there!  

You can check out KC's music at, on iTunes, and on YouTube.  I hope that you'll take a few minutes and give her a listen.  You'll also enjoy reading back through her blog on this site.  The girl can really write!  Her latest CD is called "The Tag Hollow Sessions""  It is available on iTunes or through her website.  I hope that you'll give her music a chance.  I know that I have zero objectivity where she is concerned, but I think that you'll fall in love with her music and her!            


Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

44 years! Wow, I consider that an amazing accomplishment...we are going on 33 and I don't know of many people who even reach that. And as always, your tables are just lovely and breathtaking - Happy New Year, friend!!


How wonderful, 44 years is a life time of happiness! I truly have enjoyed your gorgeous tablescapes throu 2012 and here we are ready to start our tablescaping, home and family blogging we all enjoy and share together. Looking to further our friendship in 2013.

Sonia said...

Hi Cherry Kay!
We are just back from Florida and after doing some unpacking I'm finally sitting down and catching up on what everyone has posted the past week. I love your collection of tablescapes from last year. You really do have some gorgeous ideas and dishes! Always so fun to see what you will put together next!
Happy New Year!
Miss Bloomers

Sarah said...

Congratulations on 44 years. What a wonderful feeling it is to share life with one's best friend by your side for so many year. Here's to many more together, Cherry Kay.
I lost my entire blog roll on my sidebar, so I'm slowing reconstructing it this afternoon. Loved looking back at your beautiful tables and eager to see what you have to share in2013. Thanks for your thoughtful friendship......Sarah

Canadian Chickadee said...

Your tablescapes are just exquisite. I love looking at them. They inspire me to do a better job.

Thanks for sharing, and happy new year. xoxox


Rosemary and Thyme said...

Congrats on 44 years. How wonderful. I am also beginning to catch up with all the posts. I took a bit of time off to enjoy the holidays with my family. I have enjoyed your stunning tablescapes this year. They truly inspired me in so many ways.. Thank you for sharing and Happy New year..

Rosemary and Thyme said...

Congrats on 44 years. How wonderful. I am also beginning to catch up with all the posts. I took a bit of time off to enjoy the holidays with my family. I have enjoyed your stunning tablescapes this year. They truly inspired me in so many ways.. Thank you for sharing and Happy New year..

The Tablescaper said...

I love looking at the year in review. Each and every one of your tables is glorious!

Congratulations on 44 years! I'm impressed!!!

- The Tablescaper

Pat@BPM said...

Gorgeous retrospective! Absolutely wonderful!

Scribbler said...

44 years! Twice as long as Sweet Husband and I!

I enjoyed the look back! Take care, ETS

kitty said...

How wonderful to celebrate 44 years of marriage with your Sweet Mister. We're going on 43 years this coming June. I loved looking back at all your gorgeous tables.

Marlis said...

Cherry Kay, thank you for entertaining us throughout the year. Your tables set the height to which I aspire. Beautiful, graceful and perfectly executed. Happy 44th anniversary - only 6 behind you! Bless you dear friend.. Happiest of year to you! xo Marlis

Alycia Nichols said...

With you, there's never a question as to just how spectacular the table will be. Each and every time out of the gate is a winner. Happy 44th to you and Sweet Hubby!!! May you enjoy 44 more!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

What lovely tables through 2012 you've set. Happy Anniversary -- we just celebrated 37 in November.

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Congratulations on your 44th anniversary! It really is special to share your life with someone. We will celebrate # 33 this year. Your tables are all absolutely amazing. The dishes themselves are so beautiful and you combine them in such interesting ways. That tureen on the Easter table is truly special. Happy New Year! Linda

Ann Krucek said...

Many many beautiful table settings!! what a great year of wonderful celebrations including you anniversary!! 44!! This is a big year for us, our 30th. Thanks for all your nice posts!

Laura said...

What beautiful tablescapes you have created. I am off to find out the pattern names of all of your china!
Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

so many gorgeous tables!How much fun you had last year! Keep sharing, they are beautiful!

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Found you at 'Let's Dish." I can't believe what I've been missing! What a wonderful year you had! Gorgeous tablescapes!
Happy New Year!

xinex said...

Beautiful tablescapes, Cherry Kay, each and everyone of them.

Diann said...

Oh My! You have certainy created some stunning tables! I wish I could just pick one and say THAT one is my fav. But, it is impossible to choose! And Happy Belated Anniversary! Hugs, Diann :)

KatyE. said...

Hi! I am a 45 year old woman in Norway who just discovered your blog! I love to look at all the beautiful settings you do. What a gift to be able to sit at your table and feel the love that you give! This is an art form that makes people feel so appreciated. This I know from experience. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me!

Dining Delight said...

Very beautiful t'scapes for 2012! I espec love the colourpalooza one - so pretty in pink and green! How I'd love to have dined at that one! Happy New Year!


Bonnie said...

Wow, every tablescape is delightful. Do you dream tables capes? I remember most all of your posts. I am very much in awe of how you keep creating new looks very often. It would be hard for me to select a favorite.

Happy Anniversary. We celebrate our 42nd this year.

Jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Congratulations on 44 years of marriage. We are about to celebrate 50 years of marriage. so lovely to be with the person you have loved for so many years.

Your tablescapes are beautiful. I dabble with setting pretty tables and I learned from my mother. I have 4 sisters and we all love to enjoy a lovely table with loved ones to share. Some of us more than others. I admit my baby sister leans toward paper when it cones to a crowd. However, she is the first to pitch in and do my dishes when she is here. Smile.

Have a wonderful 2013.
xo, Jeanne

Chubby Chieque said...

Hello dear CK,
I can't decide which of your table is the best. For me, each of them have their own character and beauty within.
Love every table and you know that you are one of my few fave inspiration in the bloggie world.

Hope you hade a great moment with dear ones. Hugs to your lil princess.

Greetings from a chilly & icy Stockholm,
/CC girl

Rettabug said...

Cherry Kay, I am delighted you have done a retrospective of this past year's tables, as I missed seeing several of them. OUTSTANDING, each & every one!! Truly some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. You have such delightful collections & manage to combine them for different looks each time.

Wishing you & your sweet Mister a Happy Anniversary & may you have many more HEALTHY & Happy years together.

Warm hugs,

Pondside said...

They were all gorgeous, but my favourites were 'Family Style' and 'Easter'. Love the colours!

Pondside said...

.....and Happy 44th! We will celebrate 40 later this year - so grateful!

Kathleen said...

Congrats on 44, and many more healthy years together!
Your tables are always so amazing, rich with detail!

Marigene said...

Cherry Kay, you have done some spectacular tables...of course, the favorite of the few you have shown is the aqua/cobalt/green.
Congratulations on 44 years, wishing you many more.

Kristen said...

Oh my goodness! These table settings are SO beautiful! It's hard to choose a favorite, they are all gorgeous and inspiring. I am your newest follower.