Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Magic Kingdom Wedding Reception

Julie and Rudi met while working at Disney World.  Tink must have been sprinkling her magic fairy dust because they fell in love and decided to wed.  Ken and June are Julie's parents, and my Sweet Mr. and I count them as two of our dearest friends.  When Julie and Rudi returned home to be married, Sweet Mr. and I were blessed to host a wedding reception for them in our home.

I was thinking 'Disney Princess,' Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty when I chose the soft blue Matelasse Tablecloth.  From there, the soft pinks, cream whites, blues, and apple green were just what I wanted to create a romantic and pretty tablescape.  The bone-handled silver chafing dish is another treasure from our Nana; it is one of my favorite serving pieces.  It's also makes a stunning, 'out of the box,' centerpiece.

Aren't Hydrangeas just the best!  They never fail to provide a stunning display. TIP:  Do you know how to 'prepare' or 'condition' hydrangeas prior to placing them in your container?  I learned to make a vertical cut 'up' into the stem to allow the water to disperse evenly.  It will prevent them from drooping prematurely.  The addition of cotton candy pink roses and apple green filler from Sam's gave me the soft romantic centerpiece that I envisioned.
The Black Starr & Frost silver presentation bowl was in Nana's home from the 1920's.  We are its generational caretakers, and I use it often.  It does require quite a few flowers to fill.  The Alencon Lace and silk tulle that you see tucked beneath the bowl is actually the shorter reception veil from my daughter's 2003, wedding.  The lace was once a part of my wedding dress, circa 1968.  I was beyond thrilled when my daughter wanted to use the lace from my dress. 

Okay, please, indulge sentimental me as I change horses in mid-stream.  This is a photo of the longer veil, designed to feature my wedding lace, that my sweet daughter wore during the marriage ceremony.  Still makes me smile.  Thought that you might enjoy it.

Okay, back to the business at hand...The large silver punch bowl, that lives in the corner of the dining room, was actually used as an ice bucket for champagne bottles waiting to be opened and placed in the pair of silver champagne buckets.  Nana's old silver and crystal chandelier reminded me of a crown, fit for a princess.  Along with the Val St. Lambert candlesticks, it added just the right touch of sparkle and reflection.  The chandelier was originally in Nana's house which was completed in 1920.  We've had it for many years, and whenever we've moved, it's moved with us.  It's actually a bit too tall to allow the recommended 36" space from the bottom of the fixture to the table.  It's another example of knowing the rule and choosing to ignore it.

I chose serving pieces and china to add a 'white-on-white' element to the tablescape.  Scallops, tiny ruffled edges, and lacy textures added to the romance.  The three-tiered hostess tray is Copeland Spode "Jewel."

The set of white metal pedestals with fitted glass cloches were a gift from my dear friend Cindy.  Check out her blog:
She is so incredibly creative and talented! 
I put mini iced sugar cookies, decorated like wedding gifts, bells, diamond rings in the cloches.  The mini cookies are always a hit, and I never have any left at the end of the party.  I order them from the Cookie Princess.  Check her out at:

The  textured edge of the Copeland Spode Jewel and Jewel "Heath & Rose" luncheon plates reminded me of lace for a beautiful bridal romantic and perfect for this tablescape.  The two-tiered Haviland Ranson ruffled and scalloped hostess tray held one of my favorite desserts, "Melting Moments."

I usually like to try to draw the eye up when I design a tablescape.  The forks seem to be pointing to the blue stoneware vases that I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $10.00 each!  I used the white Star Gazer Lilies, once again from Sam's.  Did you notice the napkin tower, that I created, sitting between the two vases? 
I love pretty vintage linen napkins.  These all feature delicate blue embroidery stitched into the assorted designs.  Each one was folded and fitted with a 'diamond ring' napkin ring.  So whimsical!  I used the Anchor Hocking three-tiered glass cake stand as a base.  I placed a silver tray on each level to dress up this utilitarian piece.  This arrangement reminds me of a frothy, feminine wedding gown, and my guests always enjoy it.

For our dessert reception, I only needed forks for the wedding cake.  I used my wedding silver, Reed & Barton, "Grande Renaissance" and my  Reed & Barton, "Francis I," which I cherish because it belonged to my mother-in-love.  Each time that I use her silver, I remember and am grateful for her generosity and her great skills as a hostess.  My mother and she taught me so much.

The Lalique "Love Birds," surrounding Nana's silver trumpet vase filled with pink roses, are waiting in the foyer for our guests to arrive.

The bride and groom's table is set with a light blue Matelasse undercloth layered with an Organza top cloth that I discovered at Howchow Finale for $19.00!  Wheeeee!  I filled our old Lalique rose bowl (yes, thank you, Nana) with more pretty pink roses.


The wedding cake, a delicious "Ribbon Cake" from Raspberries & Creme, is in place and ready to be cut and served.
  Grab your plate and load it with goodies.  It's time to party! 

This evening, I am linking to Susan's Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.  Susan hosts what has to be one of the most enjoyable 'blog parties' in cyberspace.  I appreciate her skill and dedication.  Thank you, Susan!


More Entertaining Women said...

Let me be the first to compliment you on this stunning, fairytale wedding reception. Every time you host something, it's my favorite, so they are ALL my favorites, and all guests of honor are made to feel as if they are THE most special ones ever. Still love the wedding gown napkin "tree" and those BIG DIAMOND RINGS have gone a long way on many occasions! Thanks for the link to MEW, GF (girlfriend) and it's always a treat to either be a part of your gorgeous events, or to do one together. Have grocery store/back yard flowers, will arrange!! Big hugs and blessings, C

The Tablescaper said...

What a beautiful reception. How lucky for them to have you as the hosts.

Your Nana's silver is amazing. It's wonderful to have found such a terrific caretaker. Clearly you treasure and enjoy it.

I love your creative take on the tree of vintage napkins!

- The Tablescaper

Jacqueline said...

What a fairytale story and a fairytale reception. Everything was so gorgeous, and of course the centerpiece will be talked about for a long time. I love the beautiful napkins tiered like that. Everything was just enchanting. You did a wonderful job.

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

This sounds like it was a fairytale dream come true for the bride and groom! Your centerpiece bowl is gorgeous! And the napkin tower is a great idea. Everything is beautiful--the tablecloths, cake, forks, and especially the lace!!!...everything. Good luck to the new couple! Linda

Mimi said...

Beautiful reception...the table is just gorgeous with all the silver, china and crystal...oh, and those flowers, favorite, the tower of vintage napkins, so very creative.

Debbie said...

I have too many things that I want to mention to cover them all. I have to say that my favorite part was that napkin tier that you made. I was drawn to it immediately in the picture. How lovely!

Oh... and I loved the part about using your daughter's veil and the fact that she used lace from your own wedding for hers. How special!

Debbie Moore at Slice of Pie Entertaining and Cookbooks said...

In one word ... "Spectacular" ... beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Everything is so beautiful! Great idea for the napkin display! I enjoyed hearing about the family heirlooms. Love the story about your daughter's veil, and the picture!


gena said...

BEAUTIFUL !!!!! My son was married this past weekend - and they're in WDW on their honeymoon right now. Mickey and Minnie were their cake toppers as well. And of course my sweet new "daughter" is a princess for sure !

thank you for sharing,


More Entertaining Women said...

Hey!! Thanks for grabbing a button and for the sweet comment - you bring the Tart Yogurt from Cool Greens! Now, THAT would be yummers! xoxoc

Nana's silver presentation bowl is my fave. Ooooohhhh - always makes such a stunning centerpiece.

vignette design said...

What a beautiful table for your daughter's wedding reception. It looks like a fantasy!

Sandy said...

Everything was just beautiful, I had to many favorites to list, but I will tell you the napkin tier was one of them. Just stunning!! Thanks for sharing and for visiting.

A Hint of Home said...

Beautiful table, stunning centerpiece and lovely napkin display.
You did a wonderful job of decorating.

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

How beautiful all of this is...loved the "napkin cake"...beautiful idea!!!

Denise said...

Everything is just lovely! The flowers, the dishes, the linens...just everything. I adore the tiered napkin presentation. Would love to borrow that idea sometime.

And, if my daughter got married, I would love for you to help decorate. You're GREAT!

Marlis said...

Spectacular is the word that comes to mind. I love the old silver, it's truly magnificent. What a wonderful reception you hosted.

Melody said...

What a lovely reception. Your home is beautiful. Love the heirlooms carried throughout theme. Wonderful idea for the napkins.
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and stopping by a while. Now that we know where we are in blogland...let's not be strangers!

xinex said...

Your wedding reception looks so encahnting and magical! So beautiful! I love the idea of the napkin tree, so original! Everything looks so pretty especially your daughter and her gorgeous veil!...Christine

Donna (Timeless Settings) said...

So pretty and elegant! Thank you for sharing this beautiful day.


mississippi artist said...

Everything is just beautiful.Thanks for the comments, now that I have discovered you I am joining your blog.

Sue said...

What an elegant setting you created for your friends! I love Nana's sparkly chandy- beautiful. You put a lot of effort and love into your table and it definitely shows. Your napkin tower is such a great idea, too!
Thanks for stopping for a visit.
:-) Sue

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh this is stunning! What a lucky bride and groom! You have so many gorgeous serving pieces, and that centerpiece is wonderful. Love that the lace on the veil came from your gown. Your daughter's wedding looks beautiful. The napking tower is brilliant! I'm going to have to remember that idea. That cloth on the bride and groom's table is gorgeous - well, it's all gorgeous! laurie

Barbara said...

So elegant! So charming! Each and every detail is so well thought out. I am sure everyone had a wonderful time. There is something about all those arranged forks that just makes my day.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh so much to see! I'm sure your bride did feel like a princess! I ADORE the napkin tower -- I'm so going to remember that one -- thanks for sharing everything. I do hope that someday my grandgirls will be the loving caretakers of their "Nana's" china and silver and accessories! Thanks for your very kind visit to my table this week as well.

Beth said...

Cherry Kay, This is a beautiful table you set up. Love the bouquet. Also your silver is fabulous. Everything is so pretty - what a great reception! And thanks too for sharing the photo from your daughter's wedding.
Hugs and blessings, Beth

Tess said...

What a beautiful table for a beautiful occasion!! I'm a sucker for weddings...and this reception looks so lovely. The flowers are amazing. The silver flatware always catches my eye.

I was reading your movie list and "Age of Innocence" is one of my favorites. I have seen it a hundred times and the tablesettings make my heart flutter!!

Thank you for coming by my blog...I appreciate your comments. Hope to see you often!


Tess said...

What a beautiful table for a beautiful occasion!! I'm a sucker for weddings...and this reception looks so lovely. The flowers are amazing. The silver flatware always catches my eye.

I was reading your movie list and "Age of Innocence" is one of my favorites. I have seen it a hundred times and the tablesettings make my heart flutter!!

Thank you for coming by my blog...I appreciate your comments. Hope to see you often!


Sharlotte said...

Oh my, what a breathtaking setting. All your pieces are gorgeous looks like you all had a wonderful time. Thanks so much for sharing and dropping by to visit.

Anita said...

There is just too much eye candy to comment on because it's all fabulous!! Your silver is wonderful! I LOVE Francis I, and the napkin tower what a beautiful idea! Love the centerpiece too. Love your chairs!! Thanks for stopping by!

Mary said...

You really did a great job putting everything together! I love all of it. Have a nice weekend, Mary

Nancy said...

Each detail is played out to perfection! I agree with you about the hydrangeas. They always make for a stunning display, alone or with other flowers. Your combination of pink roses and green filler with the hydrangeas is so elegant.
I've also thought many times how Spode's Jewel (and a few other similar patterns) edges are reminiscent of lace, absolutely perfect for this occasion.
The white metal cloche stands are so pretty. I saw some very similar, if not the same, on Amazon and had them marked on my wish list!
The napkin arrangement is the prettiest I've ever seen...just took my breath away! I used to host so many showers, etc. and this is definitely an idea I plan to borrow! ;-) (and give you full credit, of course!).

Thank you for such a lovely post!


Requi@Tablescaping Escapades said...

How romantic. So sweet of you to host the wedding reception and you went all out. What a hostess! Your tablescape is absolutely stunning, from the centerpiece, the treasured chafing dish, to those adorable cloches. And your silver forks are beauties.

Oh my gosh, I can't wait for an occasion to replicate the napkin tower - love that! All the linens are beauteous.

Thanks for the comment on my blog about using the dinner plates as a charger for luncheon plates. Great idea.

All the Best,


Queen B. said...

oooooooooooooo my oooooooo my !

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

The thought and detail you put into this exceptional reception makes it a dream come true for the blessed couple! WOW!
I love the veil around the centerpiece. So meaningful! And your wedding picture... perfection, what a beautiful bride!!!!!
Where on earth did you get those great napkin rings? They are so over the top fabulous!
Thanks for the peek at your lovely fariytale reception.

Linda said...

Oh, you did it just right for your princess, and how she must have loved having you make her special day even more special. And, what a bonus to enjoy your expanded family.
I'm always glad when you check in, too.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Thanks so much for stopping by the Back Porch.

timbuck2mom said...

It's just lovely! You have so many beautiful pieces and memories of your Nana to go with it. Priceless! I love things like that.

Elisabeth @ Treasuring the Moments

Melissa Miller said...

How gorgeous! Love the pretty cloches. :)

Ellie said...

It's beautiful! The guests of honor must have felt so honored. :)

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

First, thank you for visiting me! I'm so glad I got to see this post. Everything is simply gorgeous! My daughter works at Disney World, so this is even more special. I love your centerpiece and the napkin tree is something I've never seen done it! You throw an amazing party, your guests should have been very honored to be a part of it.

Terry @ La Bella Vie said...

Wow this is lovely! The entire setting is just so sweet and romantic, what lucky couple to have you put on such a beautiful day for them!

Rettabug said...

Cherry Kay, this is one of the most elegant, tastefully done table settings I have ever encountered! Your Nana's silver is just such a wonderful treasure & you are blessed to have inherited it.
I just LOVE your stunning centerpiece as well as the tower of napkins...such a creative display. I'm furiously taking notes for the time when I can do something like this for a shower or special day for Miss Caroline.

Outstandingly displayed & your guests had to feel so honored to have been included. I sure would have!